Ongoing PvP Game in Advantage Drastically Ended in Favor of Opponent


I don’t know what has been happening but this has happened to me 3 times when I was leading 2-1 or 2-2 with my team. The battle ends immediately and Ludia awarding the win to the opponent. This when I still have strong dinos like a charlie or the other raptors that can end the game with a win! I don’t know if they are discouraging players from playing battles while incubator slots are full or from collecting coins. I’m definitely uploading one of my screen recording one day at YouTube and let’s see how it helps with Ludia’s Google Play stats in the future!


Hey Ivan_Marl_Villanueva, I’m sorry to hear that happened, your issue seems really similar to the issue on this thread here: Battle ends too soon.... bug?

Contact our support team with as much information as you can so you can assist them with the investigation. Our team can be reached here at support+forums@ludia, include your support key and any screenshots you have in your email.