Online Friendly Battles Against Non-friend Players

Lots of people don’t find fun in advantage tournaments or arena battles, and certain formats in skill tournaments can be very repetitive and boring to many players. Online friendly battles could fix this, allowing players to try out their new creatures in a fair battle environment, as well as giving players fun in battling. Here’s how it would work.

When in the battle section, you will see these two options at the top of your screen.

There would be a third option saying “Friendly Battles”. Pressing this will bring you to the friendly battles screen. From here, there are 3 options. The first option is “Battle Friends”. This will allow you to battle players in your friends list. The other option is “Filter”. This will allow you to create your own filters, with options such as rarity, class, and hybrid type. You will only end up in a battle with a player using the same filter. You can also choose to battle anyone regardless of filter, as well as battle with no filter at all. The third option is “Battle”, which will find a player and activate a battle.

Rewards: Because these are friendly battles, the rewards are much less drastic. Every five kills you get, you will earn skip token. This allows you to skip one hour of an arena incubator’s unlock time. You can use multiple at once to skip incubators with long unlock times. You can only collect 20 skip tokens per day. (Note, this reward feature is completely optional and not necessary for the inclusion of online friendly battles)


Too much of coding :sweat_smile: