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I refuse to play online anymore. Until the ban. I’m not new to the game and I know what I need to do to protect myself during the game but I lost 12 times in a row I went from 2740 down to 2450. I have level 17 dinosaurs were the armor of 40 being killed with one hit, I don’t think so I’m gonna wait until this ban is done


cheaters are way higher than 2700 trophies


Losing 12 times in a row is all it takes to make you quit?


True but there going to fix this issue. Great company


That’s not Necessarily true if there working on the way up


Yeah, I went from 2633 to now 2150. I found this pretty strange, but hey… It’s life. I hope I can get to the previous score soon


the game is not broken just because you are not winning


I never said that now dont put words inmy mouth. Please no messaging me. I don’t think it ok in any way to put words in my mouth. LUDIA I DONT FEEL THE GAME IS BROKEN , the person made there own assumptions.


Your words implied that you considered the game broken even if you didn’t explicitly say the word “broken.” That’s why he told you it’s not broken.

100% of the complaints people have when they say their dinosaur is being beaten and they disagree because of X reasons and armor and what not, it’s because they feel that the game was unfair to them. When a game does not produce the outcome that a player wants, they automatically assume either a hacker cheated or the game is broken.

In your case, the game is functioning fine but you just happen to be in a bad streak of luck so you lost a bunch in a row. That’s all it is. It’s still possible that you have come across a person that was cheating but to come across them every match where you lose is far fetched. Also, to only lose 12x and quit until the ban happens is really drastic.

If your dinosaur is getting one shot killed it can mean many things. The opponent was using which dinosaur? What level was it? Which ability was it? Was your dinosaur already vulnerable at the time? Was it lower HP at the time? There are a lot of factors. I’m sorry you lost 12x in a row but that’s not a problem with the game. You just need to level up your animals more and rethink your strategy for the next battle. Good luck.


I lost 9 in a row but then won and got a 24hr incubator :grinning:


That’s awesome. I’ve had one those before


@DinoCapital the same exact thing happened to me so I guess all the losses were worth it :wink:


No your wrong and your assumptions are wrong !!! Good day


I’ m Gonna skweem and skweem and skweem until you listen to me.z


Gorgosuchus Can 1hit Almost any dino if it is buffed up. With Crits it Can take any in The game. @Sara_Makenzie


Omg ty I believe I’m working on one but if not on the look out now thank you


It is amazing :grin: with Full buffs mine deal 3.9k dmg and it eats armor and shields. Lvl 20


I get out as much as I can, not many spawn were I am. But when in a car exc I’m snagging anything I can get. Then the I’m a passenger pops up lol. I’m trying to breed what I can . But the Trex is so hard to get now to hit level 15 to combine with a level 15 valceraptor.


My wrong what? Did you actually read what I wrote or are you just shouting?


Valceraptor :joy::joy::joy::sob: you’re killing me