Online Safety


We take player safety pretty seriously so below we have outlined some basic Online Safety advice.

  1. Never post your real name first and last.
  2. Never post your home, school or work address
  3. Be careful when mentioning where you are in the real world in general
  4. Be careful if you decided to meet someone you meet online. We don’t suggest doing this but if you decided to please take precautions.
  5. When posting screenshots or pictures be mindful of Geo-Tagging
  6. Be careful to remove your support key in screenshots and videos
  7. Don’t share accounts, support keys or passwords
  8. Remember! Once it’s on the internet, it’s on the internet.

Weekend Meet up?


I have first & last name on this game! I just found out. How DO I REMOVE &/OR CHANGE?!?


You can edit your name from you profile. Click on you profile and then select edit. From here you can change your name.


Hi. Question. How do I send a private messsge to a persons post? What icon do I click on to do that? Thanks.


click on their icon > click on message


Ok, I think I got it. This correct? Thanks.

Oops, don’t think this is a private message. Srry I’m a noob


It’s alright! practice makes perfect as they say


I’m not sure what the message icon looks like. Also, when you say click on their icon, do u mean their profile pic? Thanks again.


it’s the picture next to the message (see the picture below outlined in yellow)


If you dont want us posting our names and location, why do you ask us our first and last name & home address on our profile?


Most information is voluntary in the profile. We actually don’t encourage people to fill out the voluntary fields at all. Keeping your real-world location (exact street address or school address) private and real (full) name private is always safest on the internet.