Only 1 month of refund tokens?

I dont understand the point of introducing boost refund tokens after not giving us 1 last shuffle/reset after the resilient update last year only to give it to us for 1 tournament. I have 120 boosts on unused dinos just waiting. Even if its every other month that would still take 8 more months to refund those 4 let alone adjust for any nerf they might have along the way. This game is becoming more and more disappointing.


Ludia be like.

Bait & Switch is the answer.


Yeah, for all the complaints and requests for a boost reshuffle since May, 2021, Ludia:

  1. In Nov/2021, responded that there would be something coming
  2. In Dec/2021, rumors about token
  3. In Jan/2021, more details about token
  4. In Feb/2021, one token is distributed so that you can refund a few attack boosts from one dino
  5. In Mar/2021, 3 tokens are distributed to qualified players so that you can refund some boosts from one dino
  6. In Apr/2021, will be no tokens for this AC, but hey, something has been done already, right?

So after almost a year of repeated boost reshuttle requests, we end up being able to refund boosts from 1 and 1/3 of creatures instead of a full boost reshuffle that players have been demanding. But look, there are no more noises so the trick must be working.


we went back in time?
its a money grab just look in the store everyone knows it people are just tired of talking about it.
i totally disagree with the whole thing but what can you do their house their rules just have to learn and adapt.


I understand why theyre doing it to that point. They are losing a lot of long term players unfortunately. Our alliance has been around since the start of the game and theres only me and 2 others left that have been here since the beginning. Even the leader stopped playing and passed leadership off. 1 of each reset once a month is not a big handout since it would take 4-5 months to get all boosts back that we’ve earned over 4 years but apparently thats too much to ask to actually enjoy a game enough to keep playing. Oh well


Because you don’t need them. Work with what you have. Here’s some tokens, spend them wisely. You want better dinos? Spend real money. Or quit.

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Good talk lol

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yep we have lost like 6 players to this rubbish and what about the poor folk who werent in or coudnt get in an alliance or the alliance never reached the target they get squat but you push recruiting…yeha ok…hows that going. It is all a big mess and they better sort it out quick unless they want to trash the game and move on.

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hats off to you and that other guy for staying in the game for so long.

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just be grateful they chose to even allow you to get full refunds of boosts, although they should have decided to just remove the boost mechanic

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