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Only 2 pack offers

Hey Ludia why only 2 pack offers?

Dang, Herp that’s about 7 grand worth of Ludia currency!

This is incredibile, lol

Sometimes it may happen

Amazing post Rabbit. What a metaphor!
I read this in school.

That was a picture out of History!
What a genuinely smart guy.

Yes, HerpDerp, question answered. Dont worry.
Ludia will sell more packs.

They will sell almost anything!

I dont understand the reference but it must have been good as ludia are trying to hide it

Again only 2 packs. Do you even want to make money?

Do you have all the Silverhand weapons? I have always assumed when only two packs come up, the third was for a Silverhand I haven’t unlocked.

I have them all



That happens every so often @herpderp. Have not clue what triggers it or if it’s on a schedule.