Only 3 attempts


Only allowed 3 attempts on a rare dino during the event?

Can only assume there will be just the one on epics then?


Came to post this very thought. Lol.
Common = 12
Rare = 3
Epic = 1


Yes it is
Common: 12 attempts and it’s a 1hour spawn
Rare: 3 attempts
Epic: 3 attempt
Sorry I forget the spawn time on the others


Ok I went looking and I found it for you hope this helps all


So why have respawns on legendary?


someone may only have 1 spawn location near them.


Suggestions- so if we are able to create the dinosaur during the 3 attempts that should unlock us the ability to farm the dino. Currently it’s capped at whatever attempt amount you are allowed. Thoughts? Or allow us to transfer dna from one dino to another to level up.


None of the Dino’s are limited exclusively to the event.
You can find them as wanders also.
Their only limited as to the more often park special nodes.


But you only get 1 attempt anyway


It’s been changed to every 12 hrs now. Good move ludia


Should be 6 on rare…


My thoughts exactly. Only 3 attempts is just ridiculous


I see no problem getting a rare or epic in 3 trys