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Only bots in pvp after ban?

Ok so, to provide context first, I’ve been playing JWA for maybe 2 months. Can’t really remember how long tbh, but it’s fun and I enjoy it. Now a few days ago I was in the middle of darting one of the event nasuceratops at a supply drop when my game crashed. I tried to load back in but it said “unable to reach our servers. Try again later”. So I waited and tried again later. Still didn’t work. Contacted support. I was told I had been banned for unspecified reasons and I was not allowed to ask them about it or message support again and they would never reply…well…1. Wut?. 2. Wut??!!!. 3. I don’t really care, it’s not like support apparently does anything anyway.

Now with that said, I finally got back into the game about 2 days later (today) and and it’s taking literal ages to find battles. I’m somewhere a little over 2k trophies. Prior to my “ban” (which I guess I’ll never know what that was for) , finding battles was pretty easy. Now it takes 5+ minutes and when I get an opponent they seem to be bots…like they just spam swap constantly and they are using commons and rares instead of the legendary/epics I’m used to fighting.

So…is that normal? am I relegated to absolute trash pvp because of the “ban”. Because if so I’m 100% not spending another dime on this game, and I had been enjoying getting the emoji packs at least.

Does anyone have any insight?


Wow… Bugs and glitches are reaching another level

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Wish I could face a bot. Better then the max lvl creatures I face. Just think of facing AI as free incubators.


True enough but I enjoy the challenge

Once your account has been flagged you can only be matched against other flagged accounts or the ai.

Wow that is interesting to know.

I’m scared now, if I get banned for no reason I’m quitting the game overall

I know how you feel, I asked support why I was banned on the forum and they said I violated ToS and I asked specifically what I did and never received an answer passed that and it frustrated the heck out of me bc I did nothing wrong and my recent support ticket for in game was for the game lagging when I went to dart mammolania and pressed dart when it was inside my player bubble, and when it finally loaded in it had lost more than 60% battery and I have not received any support passed the automatic message they send


We live in a society :pensive:


Does anyone know any way to challenge a ban? Or get support to acknowledge your existence after their bot auto flags you for no reason? Because these bots are just boring and apparently I just noticed that I don’t even gain trophies anymore either. Like what’s the point of even unbanning someone. Why not just do a perma ban and be done if youre going to make it impossible to play ANY aspect of the game after the infallible bot flags you ad a cheater for no reason.

So ya. Is there any way to get unflagged at all? Because if I message support they can’t be bothered to reply, I guess because us peasants are so far beneath them it isn’t worth the time, especially if they already got money out of you. Take the money, ban them, ignore them. Solid strategy.

Has anyone ever been able to get this fixed? Or am I just stuck with either this 90% useless account or starting a new one?

I think the best solution for you may be Harry Potter or Pokémon. They do have a checks and balances system regarding bans, are you sure you didn’t have an apps on your phone that fake your location? Even if you didn’t use it on the game?

Ya I had a GPS app on my phone for years, I haven’t used it in probably over a year though. Why would it matter what’s on my phone? Do they seriously scan my phone and examine every app installed on it and apply blanket punishments? I can’t even imagine that’s legal based on a privacy principle let alone a logical one. How does me using a GPS app almost a year ago on tinder have anything to do with this game (I live outside the city so I’d poof myself into it, not worth the effort btw lol)… And I already have harry Potter and pokemon lol. Neither of which have given me any issues. I really like dinosaurs though so this is particularly annoying as I find this app more enjoyable than harry Potter or pokemon tbh.

I cant speak to how it would be visible to them them but your permissions for the app likely allow some degree visibility with regard to spoofing apps, you got banned so they obviously have some way of knowing. That being the case you may not have a leg to stand on unfortunately but perhaps you’ll have better luck pleading your case then you did in the city

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That’s the thing. Is it even possible to appeal. Since their last email to me ( and have never replied to anything since) told me I wasn’t allowed to contact them again.

I’m not sure but.from what you said no response from them is still better than the lick you had in the city

Dang, a company got so mad at you for doing a “supposed” bad thing that you and no one else but them know about, and they don’t give a second chance? Or did they give you your second chance before this one. Honestly, im scared that my phone might turn on me and get me banned for no reason.

No this is a first time, I didn’t even know I had gotten a ban, I just assumed the app had crashed and was having issues like it usually does. Not exactly the most stable build. I have 100% no idea what even happened tbh. I was just playing then bam.

Then that’s kinda unfair on their part, they should atleast tell you what you did, it reflects upon their company in a bad way

Maybe he used cheats

Thats sus

Stupid 10 characters