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Only Bots Mode?

So I see now there is a timer for when you are unable to find a real player you have an option to grab a bot. Why not just make this an option in general? You do not get trophies from beating bots but you can get incubators which would give “droppers” no reason to drop.
So pvp option and fight AI option.
One gives you incs and trophies
The other just gives incs.


good idea :+1:


I like it :ok_hand:

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Ludia wants to make money :sweat_smile:

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I suggested this before. I cant remember why someone said it was a bad idea but I think it would be a great idea

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The main issue would be the removal of a huge chunk of the playerbase from the arenas so the PvP-is-life players will have not as many opponents to play against.

The current issues in arena are caused by this group throwing a tantrum and demanding Ludia give them matches with humans 24/7.


Arugono is right.
Although the arena doesn’t bother me like most, I don’t need Allo G2.
I would cash open incs like crazy with a 100% win rate vs the AI though and if/when Ludia fixes the 30/30 system and/or offers a reward worthy of the time… I’d go back to PVP.
I’m pretty sure most would do this and almost no one would be able to get a match.

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How about a token system? You could get 1 or 2 tokens a day from spinning that could be redeemed for bot matches.

1 to 2 isn’t enough actually but it’s a start. I feel having an increasing timer for AI for arenas.

So on top of having tokens, the timer for AI is:

10s for Marshes to Aviary
15s for Library
20s for Depot
25s for Shores
30s for the next arena which must happen.

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The thing is though it’s not 100% win rate though. Some of the bots are monsters. Most days I do pvp just for incs and it makes me mad losing trophies because I need incs. Why not separate?

I only participate in pvp to get the daily battle incubators and that’s it. Matchmaking is too Broken and boosted bullies take away all the fun in the arenas! I think this idea could be good so I don’t get bullied by Boosted Indoraptors at Lockwood Estate!

I can’t speak for everyone of course, but the AI is not capable of beating me at all.
I would seriously farm it for free stuff.
Ludia would have to make changes.

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Higher than 50% and actually entertaining. Imagine that being not wanted.

I have lost to AI. When my connection was bad and AI didn’t swap so much. Now its easier and also more interesting.

I’d love playing the AI for incubators instead. As things are right now I only occasionally play PvP. Couldn’t care less about the incubators I’m missing if it saves me some frustration, sour attitudes and a lot of nitro Thor, Indominus Rex and Rhino/Draco combo’s. I pretty much refresh my arena score and that’s it.

AI actually has some pretty funky setups sometimes. If you have a maxed team it’s not much of a challenge but that can always be improved.

I do understand the PvP-or-die crowd would probably be unhappy with the change. They’re not getting much out of players like me anyway though.

the ki has level 26 creatures … unfortunately no longer a challenge :sweat_smile::neutral_face: