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Only connected to Game Center

Hi everyone,
My JWA account is only connected to Game Center, not to Facebook or Google. I can’t connect to Google, as my phone runs iOS. I’m getting a new phone, an iPhone SE instead of an iPhone 5S. If I connect my iPhone 5S to Game Center, does it automatically load the files, and does it NOT delete the old files, and if it does, should I disconnect my old phone from Game Center first, and then connect my new one to it.
I just want to transfer my JWA data from one phone to another, using only Game Center. I chose not to connect my account to Facebook, because my JWTG account was connected to Facebook, and my Facebook account and the email that “supported” the Facebook account suddenly got deleted, along with my progress.
Could you guys please help with this? I don’t have a load of experience on this topic.

Hey SpacePjoes, if you connect to the same Game Center account on your new iPhone, you should be able to access your original game. However, we recommend writing down your support key for your old game so our staff would be able to quickly assist you, just in case anything were to go wrong.