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Only crashes!


Hello. I recently had a problem with the game crashing as soon as the title music started. This turned out to be a bug affecting several players and was quickly fixed with the last update. However…when I tried to play the game earlier today, 2 seconds (I timed it!) after the news pages loaded after the loading screen, it crashed. And the game now crashes at the same place every time I try to play. I emailed support but they are on holiday hours and it’s now the week-end. Will these fixed any time soon? I’'vet been playing this game since the movie came out and it’s now a part of my daily life. Anyone having similar problems?

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Make sure you also give info like device, operating system, and version of the game you are playing on. A lot of times this information is pertinent to the issue. For instance I was having issues with the game crashing on some of the advertisements and when clicking on certain items in game. I upgraded my device and I have been issue free since. Not saying you need to upgrade your device but it highlights that there are issues that cause issues with the game based on what the game is playing on and not necessarily the game itself.


I haven’t been able to play the game since yesterday. It’s crashing on start up on my iPhone 7 plus and iPad mini. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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