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Only red color

Are you kidding me ?

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Very very winnable. Use Megalosaurus and Tanycolagreus to save up points, and Metriacanthosaurus to finish the opponent Lambia.

You can take that thing out quite easily with your velociraptor I cant see a problem…

If this is today’s PvE I dont even have to wait for my dinos to come off of cooldowns i can just use super rares, cheers for the heads up roman

I didnt see that i can put in 3 :roll_eyes:


Even this was op for my one

I could have won with a carnotaur instead of a raptor

Ah damn it :joy:

Luckily 7 hit points was just enough… :facepunch:

Two low first then your best.
Collect points with the first two and hit then with the third. Than its easy


I could easily win against Indominus rex level 21 with my Parasaurolophus Gen 2 level 20.

I once faced a maxed pachygalosaurus and had to use 8 points with segnosuchus… today was priotodon :v:


Segnosuchus level 40 can kill Pachygalosaurus level 40 in 5 hits.

Not my level 20…

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Oh… :sweat_smile:

at least it’s better than monostegotops which I know has a minor attack :rofl:

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What the… Whose idea was this event? lmao

I like this event.
Maybe it makes some of those rethink their strategy who have the opinion they can stay forever at a certain ferocity level and will always be fine.

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the most curious thing is that I have a maxed pachygalosaurus maybe this influenced that day… or not?

though I’ve seen people with less ferocity with the same fight… so?

ludia is very troll in these events lol :laughing:

Um, so, I’m expected to 3v1 a Unaysaurus 30 here.

I’ve already had to try to 3v3 multiple teams with Unayrhynchus 30+ in the tournament. .-.

Raja is enough :ok_hand:

Yup, it was. These battles are easy, I just need to 6- or 7-shot them.

Red against green 2 shots are enough