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Only show effects that matter

I can’t be the only one who hates it:

Extra Critical remove
Extra Speed remove
Shield down
Regular Speed down
The actual attack

And of those, the only thing that actually happened was the speed was decreased, because that dino didn’t have a critical power up, a speed power up or a shield on. Do we really need the extra notifications that’s happening on things that just… Don’t exist on this occasion?

Also that move above is an example, don’t ask me what move does that specifically (although the amount of messages is accurate for some moves).


Yes please do this!

Indeed. It has become like <inserts the entire diary of the creature here>

It’s just such an unnecessary clutter. And it takes surprisingly long to get through a battle because of them.


It does somewhat and it also shows “remove taunt” when that is only used in Raid battles.


And why bother with taunt in PvP battles at all. Drop the indicator and notifications

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Maybe if all that stuff happens at the same time?

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If we remove the raid bugs…THIS is the worst part of the update…All the battles take soooooo long,even the simple strike towers,they ll end up to be boring…I try to do the scent and with all the swaps and effects i was thinking i was in a raid battle…Please try to reconsider it

lol - yeah did a post on this as well. Takes way too long to actually hit anything. Almost every battle feels like a tortoise one. Just goes on forever.