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Only Suchomimus?


No matter where I go 9 out of 10 dinos on my map sometimes all day are suchomimus. Especially when there is 4 of them at once in range it’s pretty frustrating. I dont get much of anything else it makes me stop playing a lot it’s level 18 with over 13000 unused DNA and could be more yeah its easy to get my daily achievements done with direct hits but that gets boring no matter everywhere I’ve been they go there it’s not great to have trying to battle everyone who has this immune super strong indominus rex.


But suchotator is actully a beast leveled up mines 28 and is pretty awesome.

But yeah u should get some variety or just travel around and you will see other stuff.


Yeah I have a suchotator but never get any irritators to get it leveled up

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Sounds like the opposite of my problem, I’m usually chillen with irritators all day. You should ask your alliance for those and then level your suchotator up, it’s a great dino.


Yeah I do when I can but being winter it gets cold where I am at and just a little more variety would keep it fun


I know what you mean my house is a suchomimus nest I can’t use a sent otherwise it will be a suchomimus…


I definitely would rather have Suchotator on my team than Indominus Rex. And I agree with @Krissi_Liz, asking your alliance for the Irritator Gen2.
I’m in L4 too, Suchomimus for dayyyyz. I remember a time when I became tired of seeing the same dinosaurs around, and then, I didn’t see them anymore. That is when I decided I will dart everything I see. And now the supply drops more attainable for replenishing the darts.


Yeah i think the same way now. Ohh boy how I miss stegosaurus around me all the time…definitely didn’t take advantage of that. :pensive:


Love asking for Suchomimus in the alliance cause it’s guaranteed to fill out.

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It’s so good that it’s such a tator!! :joy::joy:

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For the people who just want velociraptor from their scent capsules. :joy:

yes I want suchomimus jeez :joy:


Yes I do enjoy my suchotator but I was pulling in DNA from everything now and didn’t think I wouldn’t see them anymore the alliance missions were nice but they’re all in limbo and nothing leveled up with only 5 people in my alliance so not a lot of sharing and I wish that on indominus they didnt make the next attack after the cloak 2x damage its overkill

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I have got like 30k majunga just from darting home in less than 3 weeks. Will definitely be first dino to reach dna cap for me


For me it’s einiosaurus lol. That’s 90% of what i see in my neighborhood all day and all night.


I get so happy when I see Suchomimus! You should join my alliance, I’ll make you rich buying yours.

P.S. Anybody want some Majunga?

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Diplocaulus still wins as most useless common local dino. Its everywhere in l3.


U live in local 4 don’t u? me too, and it sucks… L4 really needs a buff, we have nothing good at all, except the rare spinosaurus


L4 now is like l3 was.

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I love suchatator so I wouldn’t complain at all having that lvl 29.