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Only two Event dinos at a time, please


I went for a walk this Saturday… A long, looong walk. And after nothing less than fifteen green stops (which weren’t nearly close to each other) I finally found this little buddy here. Before that, three Brachis and eleven Blues. Hope I’m luckier this Sunday.

I’ve seen others having the same problem to find the dino they want. So to make things easier in the future, I’d like to suggest not offering more than two at a time, unless you find a better way to distribute them. The weekend we had only Stegoceras and Sino was better!

Thanks for your attention.

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If we only got 2 event epic…
That means you will only get 6 attempts instead of 9. Because they give each event epic dinos 3 attempts quota.

Would that been better? :thinking:


Yeah that’s true, forgot about that part… Well, I don’t usually have time to go around the city looking for what I want (I usually work on Saturdays)… But I understand if players prefer this way.

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Im tellin you, double our dna collection per dart on park attempts and cut our attempts in half. That makes park attempts feel exciting, and cuts down the amount of hunting (pun intended) we have to do.


I was thinking it would be nice to guarantee a rotation. Example stop: Brachi, Sino, Blue, Brachi, Sino, Blue… At least then you have an idea of what to hit later in the day or the next day.


Well, they do change places with time… don’t know if there’s a pattern though.

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I find that there is a pattern. For this one, it is Blue > Sino > Brachi
So, when I see Blue, that means later, it will be Sino.

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Rather than fewer at a time, getting rid of strike events that you’ve finished and replacing them with green supply drops would work better. I have definitely noticed fewer greens on Saturday and Sunday than any other day, and since I work both days, the need for more is acute.

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You can look at my pic… no other green in the distance :confused:


Instead of having only two epic dinos (so 6 attempts) I would prefer to have the respawning more frequentely. Even if I may know the pattern, I won’t stand on a specific supply drop for about 6 hours.
And I am lucky I can see two supply drops from my house now, but I am thinking about the majority of the players who actually need to spend time outside their home hunting and searching for the right dino.
And, sad but true, this game isn’t built for walking hunting but people need to cover long distances to grind. To avoid this, the solutuon is simple:
Put all the feature dinos under the green supply drops and let player choose one to dart, and let strike towers disappeared once completed cause maybe there will be a green supply drop hidden.

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I’d prefer 4-5 event dinos so that we would have more attempts :smile:

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Or put event back in parks and make strike events available only on regular drops.
Need to walk/bike more than 10km/daily to get access to 15-20 event drops. Usually it means 2/3 of them have dinos you don’t want.

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They don’t have to keep it at 3 attempts per Dino that could be just as easily altered.


Call me lazy (I know I am), but I would actually welcome an option in which you could choose which one of the three to dart at every green incubator… I’m leaving home after Christmas today, have had a green incubator here since yesterday and it’s always the same old useless Blue and an occasional Brachio :neutral_face:

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I don’t think that’s easy for some company who can’t even fix any bug after we reported for several months.


It’s called catch a bus! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: any bus that goes from 1 side of your city to another ride that thing for at least 2 hours you will get max DNA of the epic you want! This game is unplayable walking unfortunately!!!

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No thanks. I prefer to try again (until this bug is around) on epic/legendary/unique dinos if I dart badly. This isn’t possible in moving vechile. That’s why I usually choose bike.

Especially Sino is really hard to dart.


Well enjoy getting max DNA off 2-3 attempts then! instead of reasonable amount from 9!!!