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Only VIP can purchase boosts? Don’t know how I feel about this

I don’t understand the logic. Seems like they would lose money.

But maybe they are thinking if someone is willing to buy the boost, they are more likely to cough up $10 bucks for the VIP?

Honestly, I don’t care, haven’t bought a boost since the last boost fiasco last year.


The problem will be with the raids. They will force you to boost dinos that aren’t very relevant anywhere else but raids. So you will need boosts for your pvp team and your raid team. Start coughing up the dough

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I don’t even plan on applying my boost. Its tiring and to final. I am playing naked from here on in. If raids become boost parties, I guess its no more raids for me. I am already upset over how hard they are to get going and that others are getting 93.75% more rewards than the rest of us.

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I saw that there was going to get 3 boosts strikes every week so it is now less p2w and
yeah VIP can get even more, but with the new event calendar it isn’t too annoying tbh.

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Probably the same way I have felt about coin sales. Then they finally gave us one. They made coin sales for vip only and free players didn’t get one for almost a year.

i doubt that permanent though. no way they’d risk losing $30-$40 a day from people to try to sell $10/month subscriptions

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This will actually act as a dam for boost buying, as not everyone’s spending real money on the game. I’ve never spent HC on those anyway, I’ve earned them.

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So let me get this straight. The only way to purchase any boosts anymore is to become VIP?

Can you tell how much free players mean to Ludia?

So I noticed that yesterday and today boosts were only on sale for VIPs. Is that the case? Nothing about this was adressed on the patch notes. If I don’t have a VIP membership will I not be able to buy boosts?

If that us the case it will be extremely unfair and anticonsumer. It will only widen the gap between players even more

or might just be monday - thursday during raid boss battles

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All right I can see how non VIP players feel slighted by not being able to buy boosts since the update.

Maybe ludia saw everyone complain about boosts and decided to try the vip-only route. Like someone else said it’s definitely a cash loss for ludia by doing this. But I suppose they were trying to appease the complainers who hate boosts

My thought exactly! At first I was shocked, maybe even mad (which is weird because I never had any plans on buying any in the first place), but then I realized this actually helps me.

I guess I’m not buying boosts any more then. The last thing my finances need right now is a monthly drain.

Boosts should of never been on sale at all. Let people earn them not buy them.


Agreed! Maybe boosts will only be for pve eventually and no pvp. Or maybe only pvp tournaments



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This is how it was before they started selling boosts everyday back in late November / early December.

Two days a week boosts were available for everyone.

Boosts are cancerous for arena anyway so no big loss lol


I like to know why we can’t buy boosts anymore unless vip?