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OOF, of the day:


I’ve been on a roll this morning, guessing we played each other? If so, GG. Which player were you?

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:joy: we did you mashed trough me was a gg though,


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I see you in my list, gg man. Sorry it came down to who was faster. Congrats on climbing that high without tier 5 speeds.

I’ve hated the idea of boosts from the moment I read about them and was vocal against them before they were introduced. That being said, I could still read the writing on the wall. I put soooo much time and effort into building a team they was just starting to break into the top 50 as boosts were announced in patch notes. Then with speed boosts being sold in game, there was little to no choice at that point. Trying to get on and climb that leaderboard is nothing short of an arms race. No way was I trusting Ludia to get the genie back in the bottle.

The crazy part is, it only cost me roughly $50. Compared to all the OTOs and bundle deals along the way, that was nothing. If Ludia is regretting anything right now, I’m sure it’s that they let us off way too cheap. While me on the other hand, am only regretting not taking a couple of them to tier six speed so I can hang with the wiser top players who did that. Still mad that they let this happen, and am all in favor of ditching boosts altogether. Hopeful they can fix it, but definitely not holding my breath at this point.

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Couldn’t agree more with every word!

Well said.

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It hurt… My poor soul.

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This is definitely true boosta are cheap atleast to an extent once the tiers get high and you need 100+ boosts 500 for 25 doesnt sound that good.

But its incredibly cheap progression compared to everything else they sell.