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Yah guys know about Dilo gen 2, 1000 attack at level 15? Well, put into standards, I used this guy to take down a lot of legendaries, is it OP or not, prove me wrong.

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Any Dino with Superiority Strike can take it out. A Lvl 15 Raptor can one shot a Lvl 15 Dilopho G².

Ok, the raptor meta takes the cake, but I killed tyrannolophosaur easily with it, multiple times.

Even if Dilo has a high attack, it really can’t take advantage of it since it doesn’t have an Impact or Rampage move. You’d probably be able to take something out if you used Distraction on something then hope Null Strike can kill it.

Yeah, your right, well then any other common that seems to OP to you?


No one ever see’s the dreaded Pinning Strike coming until it is too late.


I would say Miragaia is a strong common, but it’s by no means op. It has middling health and falls victim to immune creatures. There’s not really any commons that are op, most are either well balanced or just weak.

It’s an easy meal for chompers

By voting Op, I’m saying it is ridiculous for being a non hybrid common, not that’s it’s arena/tyrant, hard to beat Op.

one word: superioritystrike

This thread is pointless it seems.