OP Dinos

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know there are some very OP dinos in this game. Like them or hate them, they are real.

Ludia likes to ‘fix’ dinos if they are not doing well, or are doing to good. While others they turn a blind eye to. And the results are… mixed to say the least.

Sooo for fun, let’s take a look at some dinos that are pulling in well above normal. One of which only got knocked from its top slot, because another more OP Dino countered it in all forms.

These are in now real order outside Rarity, or the order would likely be different with who takes the top slot.

Ankylos Lux: This one hit out one of the Unique Dinos. Why? Can’t be distracted, constant shields, an instant Shielding Stunning strike, with full shield if threaten. This creature has 3 moves that can fully shield it, which is never a great thing to see. And until croc came to the meta, was a nightmare to deal with unless you had Mortem or Thor ready for it.

Imperatosuchus: Speaking of said croc, though new to the meta. It is none the less a little over powered. This is more so because it is one of the first, pay to win dinos. As i have face down two of them level 28, and 29. When they have barely been earned by normal players.

Giganyx: Thanks to the recent update. It now heals every turn, whether it attacked or not, thanks to its 4 turn devouring rampage. Face one down, and needless to say, it is extra hard to kill on a fierce, fast, crit boosted dino. And that is with a team that should be strong against it, in the form of cunning creatures. Ludia got the monster they wanted.

Indotaurus: This one is more annoying than over powered. But simply put. Three Cloak boosted attacks, Against a faster enemy. 2 Counter attacks, one normal. Nothing more really needed to be said. IT hits hard.

Parasauthops: 2 full heals, enough said.

Scorpios Rex Gen 3: Yeah those who have seen my comments before on over powered Dinos knew this was common. One that became a monster since it came out, and only recently got hit off the top meta because Anky Lux came out, which directly counters this. Critical boost, speed, Boost, Dodge, all from a swap in. Than an impact with Stun and bleed, followed up by a cunning rampage. It was a nightmare, and on all top teams since it came out till Anky which directly counters all its moves outside stun, came out.

Skoonasaurus: Not sure if this one is really OP worthy. So consinder this an honorable mention. But big body, decent armor, and decent attack with counter…

Rexy: Yeah, the glass cannon is here. This is what mortem should have been from the start. But is on our favorite movie dino, or second fav depending on where you rank Blue, it was going to be given a powerful load out. And now everyone is living to regret it Enjoy :smiley:

Those are from the current meta. And love them or hate them, they are here.

New meta:

Segnoraptor: An new dino that came out recent. Triple Strike.
I got to ask just why? it is just Devastation, with extra steps.

Preranokyrie. You gave a dino, that forces other people to swap… This better have a way to resist or this is going to be one of the single most annoying Apexes EVER.

Honorable mentions.

Refrenantem: Seeming got a nerf, though i did not feel it was over powered, and that was when we still didn’t have its counter of Anky Lux out.

Thor: Yep, i know. But he is the low level nightmare.

Teno: Same thing

And to Dracoceratop: Indoraptor Gen 2, Procerathomimus. Your reign was to short before nerfs and game changes killed you all.

Anyway, enjoy the list. And please leave your thoughts down below on what i got right, wrong, or if there is a dino i missed.

For order of which ranks above which.

Ankylos Lux
Scorpios Rex Gen 3

AT least that is my thoughts, and why I say G3 got knocked out by only something more over powered. The rest can be any real order.


The problem with IndoT is the counter on cloak. It’s actually 2.5 i believe on Revenge, which if your creature can’t distract it, hit goes through your dodge, Etc, it can one-shot witha crit on the counter attack. But honestly, the list is huge for creatures that need a rebalancing.

Well on parasaurthops and rexy on one side their abbilities are annoying in pvp but are good for raids. I wouldn’t consider ankylos lux a high thread as it was on it’s release. It’s also surprising how he fell into lower tiers without any major nerfs. Pteranonkyre well allert sqall is annoying but it’s other abbilities don’t make him much of a thread

I disagree…it got worse after the buff

In regards to triple strike, its for use against Flocks. Yes its amazing cause you can decimate flocks with it, but being triple counter attacked helps balance it

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Making me wonder whether I have used indoT the wrong way… It never survives til it reaches the second cloak. :joy:


It doesn’t get triple counter attacked :man_shrugging:

Multi hit moves only proc counters once for reason I do not get

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Yeah it is. Only reason it’s not run as much is because there’s more op Dino’s that take it’s place and the meta isn’t too kind to it.

It did well with Testa, but it’s no monster. Heck Ref does his job better nowadays. Scorp isn’t OP. He’s fairly balanced and overshadowed now.

Eh, the swap in is the more annoying part. Most tanks deal with him fairly well, and Andrew deletes Parathops.

Remove cannon and that would be accurate, cause it’s hardly made of glass. 4950 HP at level 26, then you have DR-FDR which can get insane healing. Rexy isn’t too easy of a takedown if you don’t have the right creatures.

How? It’s a cunning that had 4800 HP, 1600 damage, 126 speed, and 20% crit at level 26 with a bleeding instant distracting impact turn 1, along with a good kit and amazing resistances. Heck Anky Lux BARELY counters it due to bleed.

Indotaurus, with all of the power creep, is quite balanced in the top 5 arenas now. The counter isn’t really a problem for viable counters to her, because

  1. They distract
  2. They bypass dodge/nullify
  3. They have rend resistance

And what if you don’t draw those creatures, or there move is in the cooldown state?

Indot, scorp and Skoona used to be broken, but now they’re balanced, mostly due to the insane level of power creep Ludia has imposed

It has the highest hp of any cunning and has decent speed unlike trebax and is able to take down some resilient.

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Ref definitely was and still is op



Indo gen 2 wasn’t hit hard by nerfs because it is very balanced, being able to take down fierce of its own rarity and being surprisingly good against flocks and was meta for many months.

It did have it’s own reign of terror though, pre 2.0 it was quite powerful, you couldn’t really take it on without some of the most powerful creatures available

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I know, I played this game before 2.0 dropped.
I mean nowadays it is balanced but back then it was a real nightmare.

Then your resilients will die. That’s how it’s supposed to go.

I try not to put my resilients against Fierce. Another problem with it is the cleansing Rampage. Let’s say your creature only has a disraction ability and no dodge. After it cloaks, it can cleanse the distraction and give a huge hit, killing the creature that is supposed to counter it. Just because it was pushed out of the top meta by other powerful creatures, doesn’t mean it’s balanced now. The whole meta needs a rebalance.

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Is not that broken, but, pretty near to be