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Op-Ed; The endgame is too narrow

With the new season upon us, I have been in the arena a lot, not necessarily more than usual I suppose, but fighting a lot of different players, since everyone gets squished together because of the reset. I find myself seeing the same dinos battle after battle after battle and yeah, the boredom sets in quick. I began to wonder why these dinos? I mean, I have fought some tough stuff that is not thor, utarinex, erlidom, tryko, dio, dilo, magna, and tenonto - yet these are really all I see. I myself only play 2, sometimes 3 of these.

My conclusion (and my opinion) is that the endgame is too narrow - by availability. Geminititan is pretty awesome, and only attainable or evolvable at Ludia’s discretion. Grypo is pretty formidable - good luck finding gryposuchus. Pterovexus can be every bit the pest is was designed to be, but darwin was split between two uniques, locked in parks, and now a daily spawn - not to mention monolopho being split between two legendaries and gallimimus being incubator only. Stygidaryx? Well, the aforementioned darwin issues play a role, as well as the common ingredient being an incubator only reward that nets a pittance of dna every once and a while, (not to mention the whole unique itself needs a rework). Erlikospyx? Again, incubator locked ingredients. Quetzorion? Park only ingredient, and not everyone is lucky enough to have a great park less than a mile down the road like I am. IndoG2 looks pretty great, but Blue? Hah. Tuoramoloch is still just kind of the red-headed stepchild of uniques, but again - incubator locked ingredient.

So, obviously I am going to be battling what people can make - thor, utarinex, erlidom, tryko, dio, dilo, magna, and tenonto. And as far as I can tell the vast majority of players are in a rush to make these creatures, since they are (perceived as) the best that’s available.

But it sure leads to a damn boring arena.

We need variety and an open field endgame. I wish Ludia would unlock some of these exclusives so we could get some variety. I’m not talking about flooding the map with stuff, but just some spawns would be nice. I mean, even in the notes for 1.9 they said -

New creatures and small rebalancing
As with every big update, we added new creatures to encounter in the wilds, as well as taking this opportunity to rebalance each area of the world slightly.”

I haven’t really noticed anything different. I was hoping “new creatures to encounter” would mean something like BaryG2 would show up… or diplo or something (like when irritatorG2 was released to the wild). Nope. Just the pig and the turtle.

Sanctuaries seem to help a bit, but that’s a long game there. Boosts? I’d rather not go down that rabbit hole here…

I would like to challenge Ludia to open up the gates and broaden the playing field a lot more. I would love most every battle to be a challenge, not simply trying to guess which of the usual 5 or 6 dinos the opponent is going to switch to next, but what dinos is this opponent even going to have?

Can you imagine how fun that would be?


This is an issue this games had for the longest of time… and it is a direct result of the rarity power creep.

Look on these very forums right now and youll see multiple posts asking for nerfs to select epics and legendaries that dare to compete with a unique. That take right there leaves us with 24 out of 174 dinos… out ot those 24 most are running 5 that are pretty much the core… rinex,thor, erli, indo, tryko with 3 slots left for variety…

Boosts 1.0 have “set” alot of teams in… boosts 2.0 should make it better… but at this point why make major changes until then.

Id love a game where we have 100/174 viable… but at the sams point weve never had this much variety. So its improving…


The added boosts drove me and everyone to throw all our boosts into our best creatures which locked everyone into those 8 to 10 creatures. Then we don’t have enough boosts to bring something new up to team strength. I’ll be putting a lot of thought into what and how to boost in the coming reset. With a clean slate, how to do this without corrupting and unbalancing my own creatures.

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I started running Phora on my team the other day even though it’s only 27 so far. I needed something different that you don’t see every day. So far it has been fun.


That’s why I tried to be careful from the get-go. Overall I’d say it worked out for me, I have about 14 dinos I could easily play and hover in my usual trophy range. I’m glad I get the chance to get my boosts back, too - some of the rage boosting I did… :man_facepalming: I hate thinking about all the boosts on the bench right now.

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I’d totally try that too, but I’m afraid of it getting a unique! I have a lot of legendaries just sitting for that reason. :confused:


I’d even settle for what they have - if they would just make them attainable!

I don’t think they could make something better than Phorasaura unless it’s immune. I run the terror bird on my 2nd account. I instant 2x damage, do hit and run 2x damage. Then I bring it back as a finisher with that instant 2x damage.

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It’s torture waiting for a unique though. It may or may not happen, but most likely will one day. I figured that i wouldn’t have enough Maia for a unique so i just went for it. I do enough waiting around in this game already. Time to have fun.


The problem is boosts or rather the sunk in boosts. Long ago, when you wanted to.change out a creature, you just leveled it to team lvl then swapped it in. Now you have to lvl to team lvl not.easy in itself, then take the L for a few weeks while you get enough boosts to push it to team boost level.

I would like it to be an easier to rotate team meta. ErlikoS doesnt need 128 boosts per stat to be viable would be nice.

The problem is all the top tier uniques have 1 annoying bottleneck. Dun talk about Local Epic spawns those just need perseverance and luck to find. Scents help

Try Carbon Memes and the 2 Fisher Therapods. Those require luck, skill and being willing to waste your time hoping for it to appear or battling long hours and speed opening incubators.

I 100% agree with you. I think we could have more variance of endgame viable creatures, but this is the most we’ve ever had. Ludia is doing better with this in the last update or so, I hope the viable dino pool keeps increasing.

Tho i haven’t rage boosted anything, i have a decent amount of boosts on the bench right now. I used some to boost some creatures for specific strike towers that I haven’t used since. and there were boosts i put in to other creatures that i didn’t think would get a hybrid (i.e smilodon, purutaurus and sucotator) that were a core part of my team for a long while. having those back would give me a bit of leeway for the new system.

I think it’s THAT mentality tho, that keeps more people from pushing past lvl 20 on a legendary that is eligible for a unique. I have 6-8 in that boat but there’s no way I’d consider it because, as OP said, one of the ingredients is just TOO dang hard to come by.

Epic Dinos to Legendary to Unique
A T-Rex can be legendary at level 21 with 10% boost at Health and Damage and One Ability to be added.Then T-Rex can be Unique at level 26 with 10% boost at Health and Damage. DinoBucks will be needed for the creation.

So more Real Dinos in upper arena and more Variety .(Ofcourse the Unique hybrids will be slightly better )
So some rural players can benefit from that.

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Ok I’m just going to throw this out there. To get more variety in the end game scenario…How about allow boosting on all dino’s but uniques. However a boosted common or rare or epic etc… should never be boosted to the level of a unique. A unique should remain unique and should still be able to win if played properly. To take it a step further, allow commons more boosts than rares, rares more than epics and so on. If balanced properly we could have the potential of dozens of different dino’s on player’s teams. Ludia could make more money because lower level players would always have the chance to be competitive (at a price of boosts) but higher level players would still have an advantage due to their hard work. But in the end both would have a chance to win when facing each other. Does that make some sort of sense? I can’t tell because I tend to ramble.

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