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Op Ed - Toxic Work Environment

The key to a good relationship is to tell the other person that they suck every day perpetually until they get better. Works every time, 100% of the time.

Wait, that’s not right…

Was it the key to a healthy work environment is to have the customer tell you that you suck every day perpetually no matter what? No, that can’t be right either.

What are we doing here, folks? Are we being constructive? Or are we telling Ludia they suck every day until they get better? Someone made a comment once on this forum that I absolutely love – “With some of you, I wonder if this is the first game you’ve ever played.”

You absolutely have every right to your own opinion. You also have 100% control over whether that opinion is heard or not based on how you voice that opinion. Just because you believe someone is a complete waste of human existence doesn’t mean telling them that is going to fix them. I mean, put the shoe on the other foot for a second.

  • For MONTHS people have posted complaints about Stegodeus. Those of us with Stegodeus remain silent on the subject.

  • The text for Superiority Strike changes (not even the move itself), and the 50 people on the forum complaining about Stegodeus remain silent while 100 other people start demanding to know why Ludia is breaking the whole game.

  • We want them to focus on bug fixes, not new content.

  • We want them to focus on new content, not bug fixes.

  • We want more balanced battles with less RNG, but we want this accomplished without nerfing or buffing a single dinosaur.

  • We want NEW moves, not changes to existing moves, but make sure the new moves are perfectly balanced and don’t mess with any of the existing dominant dinosaurs.

  • Oh, and when you bring out dinos that are too underpowered, we’ll all complain that you’re “Shoving flyers down our throat” – but the moment you buff them to actual usable levels, we’ll tell you that you’re just “moneygrabbing and changing the economy to ruin the coins I’ve spent.”

The absolute dichotomy of wants that some people on this forum hold is astounding. I’m not sure how you hold all those totally opposing views in your head without exploding.

It’s sort of like watching someone build a fence around your house, and you complain that it’s too low and your dog might escape, but you want to be able to see over the top at every point… only your dog can jump 6 feet in the air. What the builder is hearing is “Why can’t you just make this fence perfect for me” and if they did, a thousand other people would demand to know why it was changed at all.

I mean, the wherewithal it takes someone to come to a forum every day and threaten to quit this game for another game or demand to know why every single thing that popped into their head that day hasn’t been fixed yesterday… it’s astounding.

And my frustration is this - What in the hell do you want this forum to be? A place to piss and moan about RNG? Because for me, when I go to forums, I usually get the following advantages -

  • Intelligent people who know more about the topic than me.
  • First-hand information on topics as they occur (happening now from admins to some degree)
  • Constructive views on pros and cons (see: pros again)
  • Community. That’s a weird word for us here.
  • Support. Another weird word for us here. As in, not tearing down Ludia and then tearing down anyone who thinks they’ve done a single thing right ever because they’re monsters.
  • Entertainment. Every forum has a little bit of funny posts, memes, etc.

Right now, on the front page, we have 80% complaints, 1% news, and just about no one discussing anything without a healthy helping of rage (myself included), and exactly 0% community – unless that community is who can come up with the best one-liner to show Ludia they suck.

People, let’s try a hair harder, eh? And maybe focus once in a while on what IS working? Because when we don’t, what we get is changes to stuff that is working because people keep complaining and we end up with the good stuff getting messed up to fix the bad stuff.

I love this game. I don’t say it enough. There’s stuff that needs fixing. There’s stuff that will get fixed. New content would be great. Better balancing in the arena (including nerfing things I’ve invested coins in and buffing things I haven’t) is needed to keep the game fresh, and I appreciate it. And if I were working at Ludia, I’d stay the hell away from this forum because looking at the forum alone, I’d be hard pressed to find a reason to continue working on anything at all.

Rant over. Thanks for reading.


I think a large part of the forums is for venting, myself included. Actual developer feedback should be sent through the appropriate means (usually via email).

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My take on this is based on my observations and experiences and kind of goes like this…

You ask someone nicely for something once. They don’t acknowledge you at all.
Hmm, maybe they just didn’t hear me. You ask nicely again. No acknowledgement.
You raise your voice a little but try to stay pleasant. Completely ignored.
You get a bit louder and lose the niceness. Again - ignored.
Now you just flat out shout and still - no recognition, no responses, no acknowledgement.
By then you’re just irate and screaming…

I think you get my point. I think things have gotten this way largely due to the seemingly complete lack of communication on Ludia’s part. Not to mention the fact that things seem to just keep getting worse and worse. Glitches go unfixed and even when they fix one thing they seem to glitch up two or three others that were working fine. It’s also not just glitches, it’s glitches that cost players rewards, then those players are basically told oops, sorry… I’ve had it happen to me. Strike towers that glitch out and you lose the chance at an epic incubator, only to be told “contact support so we can look into it”. Never is there an offer of compensation. Though this may be a bit off topic, am I the only one that’s noticed, while everything else in the game (for good or bad) increases as you go on (cost of evolving, coin limits, DNA per dart, incubator cost, etc…) the only thing that doesn’t increase as you level up is the amount of cash they give you in the free incubators?

There is no official channels for anything, and I doubt there are many here who would say their customer service is good, or even adequate.

I love this game too. Spend way too much time playing it (at present, my life situation allows me to just ride around on a bike all day and night playing if I want - that’s about to change though). I used to pay for a lot of stuff too, but never again.

Anyway, that’s all I got. I’ll keep playing and taking swipes at Ludia, but I’ll never really expect all that much from them.


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Fair. And there’s a place for that. But we all got mad at Niantic for not communicating with us while we stood outside the castle with torches and pitchforks.

It’d be cool to have a nice relationship with devs. It’d be cool if people could say nice things about Ludia on the forum without being branded a “sympathizer” and burned at the stake. And it’d certainly allow for more open dialogue if we weren’t up in arms at every turn about every subject.

I mean jeez, look at the conversation around Local 3!

  • Make Local 3 better, with better exclusive dinosaurs to local 3, while taking nothing away from any other local.

Aside from the fact that, by definition, to have a “better” you need a “worse” – the desire is an impossible one.

Yah. That’ll happen a lot on this post I reckon with all those buzz words I listed. :wink:

I only played Poke-Go a little bit personally. I do however, have horrible and toxic experiences from Clash Royale and War Dragons communities in terms of stuff as you mentioned, bashing the devs etc.

I consider the JW community to be pretty tame compared to them.


Agreed. Well said.

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I’m glad it’s tame. I still think improvement is a worthy cause.

I’m aiming for good rather than tolerable.

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I think you get my point. I think things have gotten this way largely due to the seemingly complete lack of communication on Ludia’s part.

You’re right. I still don’t see how standing outside with a mob and a bunch of torches will get them to come down and talk… No matter how much we promise to play nice and not use the pitchforks we brought…

I’ve had it happen to me. Strike towers that glitch out and you lose the chance at an epic incubator, only to be told “contact support so we can look into it”. Never is there an offer of compensation.

I sent Ludia a very passionate email about this and how I too was pissed at how this type of thing was handled. I think the hard part there is they don’t want the system to be gamed. Not that that improves it. Just what I understand of the situation. I have had one very positive experience where I was given a rare scent for one that broke (no spawns) and had a bad experience.

There is no official channels for anything, and I doubt there are many here who would say their customer service is good, or even adequate.

Agreed, but again, the solution isn’t pissing and moaning on their forum. To your original example, is shouting super loud and slamming your fist on the table going to get a better result, or is it just helping you get your anger out?

You say the conversation is only one way, and verbally that’s correct. But when you look at the history of what has been mentioned on the forum and what has been changed, you’ll notice listening is occurring. Pterosaurs were demanded from day one. Three months later they came. We wanted more PvE instead of just hunting dinos. Strike towers appeared. We wanted more coins and a better coin economy. Chests appeared. We wanted more spawns, and 1.3 was SIGNIFICANTLY better than the original game. Maybe all of these still aren’t enough, but to say listening isn’t occurring is complete garbage.

Communication isn’t occurring. But they’re listening. And I sure as heck wouldn’t communicate in this forum if I were them.


I personally dont think anyone that lives in L3 actually cares what other locals would lose. Although I entirely get what you’re saying, I personally dont see such contradictory posts from the same person. You saw my Metahub 911 post…the first thing I mentioned was the need for better communication. Your a good man @MNBrian…keep it up. Maybe one day we’ll listen.


Ha! Appreciate it greatly. :slight_smile:

I get your point. I’m just thinking “If I were Ludia, what the heck would I do.” Because the opinions of one person might be partly in line, but what the community seems to be demanding is impossible.


The problem exists in every forum on the internet. I frequent wargaming and tabletop role-playing forums and you see it all the time… the vocal minority. The rest of us are happy about the way things are or are understanding about topics. The vocal minority want it done their way and done now. Companies tend to see them as the voice of the customer base when quite frankly they should listen but listen to the counter arguments.

All I would like is to have Ludia be more vocal in return. Talk to us on the forums and the facebook page. Don’t hide away. Have a developer take some time once or twice a week or when a new event or update occurs, and talk us through the ideas behind it. Why they felt a certain change was necessary? Why they felt that a buff, nerf or change was required? Have a weekly Q&A with us on the forums. I think a lot of concerns might die away if we could get something back.


That’s a great and constructive idea. :slight_smile: I’d love it if devs communicated with us a bit about changes, even post release. :slight_smile:


Toxic communities are everywhere sadly and this forum is no exception.
The problem is that lot of people just think what they think is the way to do and that the dev should absolutely read it asap.

I have to manage these kinds of relationships and let me tell you, we just step aside. The feedback is not enough constructive and it would take too much time to find the 5% of real constructive feedback around.

Thanks @MNBrian for bringing this issue here. Hope it can help refocusing on constructive talks.

I think their communication is above average so far and it’s good. Of course they can do better. But I understand if they are attacked in every single angle for every single thing they say it’s a little disheartening.
Too many complaints are just the view of the player without taking ludia interest in account. If you want something in the game, think how it could change the actual model and it fits in current business model. Things are not easy when you embrace both sides.

It would be cool in fact if there were a dev talk like you said. Something about the change, how they envision the futur of battles, maybe some hints for hybrids, etc…

There always be haters about anything. And I can be as vocal as it is needed :slightly_smiling_face: and yes I love the game too @MNBrian :heart_eyes:


Really think you are blaming the wrong people. Hint its entirely Ludias failure to communicate with a single topic.

I’ve known some great inspirational community managers. They loved it people cared enough to get emotional they knew that meant the game mattered.

It isn’t for the community to decide what gets nerfed or buffed anyway. Ludia should be passionate about how they see the game and evangelical in its desire to engage with customers about how fantastic Jurassic World Alive is.

Instead it seems they don’t care. Which is sad.

Other game companies would hunger for a community that cares. A community having unity is a very toxic intolerant concept. You only achieve it by purging one side of the argument by bullying.


I just did Ludia’s survey today, and a lot of it addresses exactly what I was hoping for in my letter to Metahub. I know they’re listening, and I’m grateful for it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you…

now prepare to get roasted you sympathizing traitor!! :laughing:


Clearly missing the point.

How in the world can you ascertain how passionate Ludia is simply by how they communicate with people who you

A) say shouldn’t be listened to because the “community shouldn’t decide what gets nerfed or buffed”
B) People who are all openly hostile towards them.

Do you know anyone in the world who is passionate about something and a poor communicator? I’d venture to guess yes.

It seems they don’t care. Which is sad.

I’m not talking about purging any side of the argument. Right now, only your side of the argument even exists on the forum. That’s the “Ludia sucks, guys” side.

I’m simply pointing out that what you’re doing isn’t working so maybe change it up. And hey, maybe here’s a reason it’s not working.

But again, just my humble observations. This community is a lot less about forming community around a mutual enjoyment of a game and a lot more about listing Ludia’s failures and why they suck and how “If they would just get it together, all the problems in the world would be solved” than it should be.

I like you, David. You generally have great takes. If you’d focus the conversation on those talking instead of on how Ludia is failing you, I think your contributions would be even more valuable.

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It’s already happening! :wink: But it’s okay. I’ll be the sacrifice. Now quick, grab a torch and pile on! EVERYONE IS DOING IT! INTERNET LAW SAYS YOU CAN TOO! :smiley: