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OP opponents in Jurassic World: The Game

This is absolutely ridiculous. The reward being a Super Rare Elasmosaurus and you have to fight these??? Those dinosaurs can’t even reach those levels on the game!! Quit with the nonsense and fix this because reward is not worth effort. These Dinos are over the top. A rare Tyrannotitan and a Super Rare Euoplocephalus at those levels?? Once you allow MY dinosaurs to reach those levels I won’t be battling these dinosaurs. Not for that cheap reward. Fix it!!!


The extremity of the PvE opponents is something many of us have been complaining about for a while. As best we can tell, the computer makes opponents based off your very strongest dinosaur, which, if it’s anything advanced beyond the rest of your stable, puts you up the creek. I only do maybe 75% of the PvE games now myself. The rest are just too much effort for little payoff, as you pointed off. You can get more than enough dinos to keep your hatchery going through PvP.

That is rough, but, unfortunately, not uncommon as of about two months ago.


I’m fine with the dinos that go above level 40, but my main gripe is when the CPU makes dinos far above your highest dino, which is the problem I have when trying to unlock Cenozoic dinos. The underwater dinos I face are about double of the ones I have, even at max level. This is especially frustrating when the Cenozoic is a rare.

IMO, it should make dinos that are balanced around the 75% margin, and not your highest 1% dino.

Another huge issue that irks me is that level 40 dinos legendary and above (hybrids and VIP) are a waste. It it too expensive per merging 2 level 30 dinos, to get a level 40 that will push the CPU to make harder bots, as well as leave behind a large portion of balanced dinos. Plus a level 40 legendary hybrid or VIP has an EXTREMELY LARGE CD.

SO Ludia really needs to tone back the bots and make max-level play far more reasonable and rewarding.

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You are not alone…

Your top couple of Dino’s will do fine against your matchup just like mine will once my metraphodon cools down.

I feel like the matchups have gotten better over the last week but that might also be because I have raised up the metraphodon and the gorgusuchus and have kept the indoraptors steady. I will be getting a few more up in my top ranks before I do any leveling to the Indoraptor again, I learned my lesson.


I have found the bots are getting smarter. Using minimum attacks and reserving. For my money, I’d rather face high powered and dumb.


I also realized I have started hatching creatures and not feeding them, not sure if this is having an effect on my match ups. I have a bunch of rare creatures I have hatched and are sitting at level 1 and a handful of super rare creatures also at level 1. Once I have a level 40 of a particular creature or I have created the hybrid of that creature and have a level 10 after that evolution I am leaving the rest at level 1 for potential dna selling later. Not sure if this is bring any sort of average down.

@Sionsith, I’m not sure if it is an aggregate calculation but maybe off your five or ten strongest dinos. Reason I say that is that I haven’t felt matches getting harder in PVP or for event missions at all. However they did scale up each time I had a new strongest dino. The problem I have noticed is the sheer time/bucks it takes to get stronger dinos once you hit the 2000+ health and 1000+ attack range. With the scaled up matchmaking and longer cooldowns it can really make progressing to stronger dinos much more difficult.

I’m trying to be very strategic with bringing stronger dinos out. By the sounds of it, it seems to be helping. My strongest dinos aren’t impressive, but I do have a bunch of them.

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@Potato I definitely penalized myself with the level 20 indoraptor and not having any of the other classes or multiples to match it. I will be working on a lot of level 20-30 Dino’s that are close to the indoraptor with out creating any more of the higher level carnivores.

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To quote my avatar hero: “It’s true. All of it.”

Here’s my newest impossible matchup opponents:

Level 306 Kaprosuchus (7054 health, 1200 attack)
Level 37 Rajastega (4778 heakth, 1650 attack)
Level 29 Priotroodon (4432 health, 1693 attack)

My best pterosaur is a level 40 Tapejalosaurus (3007 health, 940 attack), and my two best amphibians are a level 40 Nundagosaurus (2328 health, 595 attack) and a level 20 Mastodonsaurus (2220 health, 694 attack).

All because I had the audacity to work to get a level 40 Indominus because I was a fan of the dino in the movies. And now I’m penalized for that work! Ouch! I actually have enough Velociraptor S-DNA to make a few Indoraptors, but I’m not going to. PvE is already too stinky. There’s got to be a better way to figure out PvE opponents. Maybe approximate it to the top 25% of dinos?

The killer is the stinky match-ups, and then, if you lose (which I usually do), you’re looking at 16-32 hours of cooldown before you get another shot. In other words, I get one shot per day with my best dinos, and I don’t know have enough high-level dinos to complete all three battles for many of the events.

First world problems. But, unfortunately, it does make my interest in the game wane. I’ve found myself playing less, and even not really bothering with the daily missions. Sorry, Ludia; losing just ain’t fun.


I agree, cool downs should gradually drop off and then reach a maximum of maybe 12 or so hours (being realistic). I also don’t believe Dino’s should have such long cool downs of days because I mean if you lose you might not complete a challenge and that’s obviously frusturating.

I haven’t really experienced this yet since my max is 2 lvl 20 indo-rexs but even 12 hours can seem a little much so I can’t imagine days of cool downs and how annoying that is.


I concur with both Hans and Freshprince. Thing is, when ONLY your best lineup even has a chance to win, there’s zero room for error without draining your dino bucks account. I’ve been there. Too often enough (or not, depending …)
However, these past week or two, my battles seem to have eased off a fair bit from previous ridiculosity. Even with mistakes here nd there (i.e., sending out too weak of a squad and getting beat), I’ve managed to get by without having to speed up recoveries with bucks. Most likely reason is I’ve leveled up some of my dinos to sort of narrow the gap between my Indoraptor 20 and the rest. So it seems, balanced and even development across all dino types and classes yields relatively winnable battle matchups (versus the ridiculous ones Hans and myself and others have griped about).


As a follow up, I started thinking about what’s next if I ever level up my indoraptor beyond 20. Then, my VIP dinos at 40 (presuming with no chance of creating super-VIP hybrids) will eventually become less useful or even useless. (And then you have those non-super hybrids and those legendary also-rans, then the remaining low-lifers. Sheesh.)
It’ll be a while before I get to that, if I’m still playing by then, that is.


To continue the complaining/misery/whining, check out my match-up to unlock the Dolichorhynchus this week. I’ve lost five times so far, and my Dino’s need too much cool down for me to be able to do any of the other PvE events today. Total bummer. Come on, Ludia. A little help here?

Opponents with 5000 health and 1400-1700 damage? Do you see what my very best dinos have in comparison? And those are my best dinos, the ones with 8-36-hour cooldowns! Gimme a break here!

Thanks that the rest of the game (PvP, tournaments, bosses) is fun.


That does look like a raw deal even if you have all top dinos available. Even if Ludia grants you 3 wishes for free recovery, you gotta be perfect every single round to even have a chance, no mistakes.

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It’s next-to-impossible when the computer only needs to land one or two hits to take my dinos out.


@HanSoloWannaBe, you got any high health herbivores?

I have a level 20 Apatosaurus (3300 health, 347 attack; it took two whole hits for it to be killed). That’s the best I’ve got. Correction: I just finished evolving my Stegoceratops, but it’s got a full 24-hour cooldown, so one screw-up puts it out of the game, literally.

It’s not a big deal. I’ll back off playing and occasionally have fun doing PvP with my high-level rares and super rares. That’s still fun.

Two hits is enough. So long as he can’t be one-hit, you can make it work.
Reserve round one.
1R, 2 block
Mastondonasurus to kill majunanosaurus
Indominus to cleanup

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Thank you kindly. It’s too late; that PvE match has passed, and even if I did beat it with your very kind counsel, I’d still have two more fights to go, and my dinos would be unusable (my Indominus has an almost two-day cool-down time). Thanks for the idea, though; it’s helpful to know if/when I ever do try PvE again!

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Did you unlock Doly?

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