Op turtle is op!

It can cloak now!

I have no idea how this even happened.


That is actually cool. I can imagine all the whining if carbo actually had it xD


That would be crazy. Lol

Turtle is op but t-rex is the killer of the turtle

He’s not op anymore. Now he’s strong but balanced

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Why do you call it OP facing a mammoth,I have won 7 matches in a row this tournament,and beat 3 turtles(all which I faced).

Well said.

Well I would not whine but scourge the guy who would give the turtle cloak.

Carbonemys is fine. It’s only a nightmare if you don’t have a chomper to get through that shell.

  1. This post was in February.
  2. It was a joke, I was experiencing a bug.
  3. Did you read the post?

Me: Has a raptor
Opponent: Puts in Turtle
Me: Ah shoot! Checks team rapidly
Secodontosaurus: Exists
Me: Phew…


Or a mammoth which APR-s through everything in this tournament. Lol

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