[Open clan - One spot avaiable] WINTER VEIL - 7* alphas

It’s been one month. Our clan’s grown stronger. We are defeating every 7* alphas now.

I would like to look for one replacement for my back-up acc, which can deal at least 120k damage a day.

:white_check_mark:Why should you join us?

  • grow together in a funny and encouraging environment
  • level 7 alpha chest
  • be in top on our leader board (as there’re just a haft of us who can get to 100k dmg a day)


  • be cooperative and keen on learning
  • active in clan chat / join FB group chat (if possible)

Thanks for reading :smiley:

We are in search of more active players. We are currently so close to defeat 5* alpha! We don’t have any power cap, but we hope to have players that are active (fight at least 6 times a day) and are willing to communicate (in English, sometimes Spanish and Italian).

We have rule: 3 days inactive means kick. I know sometimes life happens, so just let me know if you can’t be active.

I love HTTYT and I’m so addicted to this game
If you are interested, let me know so I can open a slot for you!

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Would love to join!

Can I see your roster and team? What’s your expectation in a clan?

We have an avaiable spot now. Please feel free to join us anytime :slight_smile:

I’ve settled nicely in a new team. Thx!