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Open eggs/Hatchery


My English is not well sorry about that.
Some time I hatch as many eggs as I can to save time but when I want to open it I need to make space for them. Mean while, the fish is not enough to “clean up” enough space for the new one so I must wait to have it cleaned. Therefore when I full of eggs but cant hatch because I must open all of them first. So I would lost alot of egg or energy if I continue to play or wait for the fish. I want to optimize all my move to not waste those valuable recourcess.
I suggest that I can open eggs one by one and have a section to store already-hatch eggs so I can hatch more when I can’t open eggs. It would be greater if I can hatch different eggs at the same time like uncomon and 1*-2* blue dragon.
Love the game hope all the features will be developed soon.

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i had the same issue on low level, but the amount of dragons you can store will be bigger later, so you just need to level up in my opinion