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Open Guild: Army of Me


About a year ago, I left my guild. Guilds can be a lot of pressure, which was taking the joy out of it. The pressure contributed to me spending money to make my characters stronger for rallies, raids, and rankings. I was ready for a break, so I quietly slipped away and didn’t play the game at all for a while.

Once I started playing again, it was with the determination to spend as little money on here as possible and just have fun, but… I also still wanted to level up my characters a little faster, so I started this as a one-person guild in order to access rallies and raids and to do so as I can, on my own time. I’ll sometimes take breaks for several weeks at a time with just an occasional battle or two.

Recently, I realized two things: there are more rewards to gain from rallies if others were in my guild, AND there are probably other folx out there who feel the same as me about guilds.

So I decided to open my guild to other lone wolves who’d like the occasional benefit of a pack, on your own time and terms. Share gear as you can (no quotas). Engage in chat only as you like (good space for introverts). No pressure, no stress, not concerned at all with Guild rankings. Spending money is not encouraged.

Only grounds for removal:

  • Misogyny
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Macho BS
  • No activity for two months (figured I should set some kind of limit; if someone just doesn’t play anymore, I should make room for other potential applicants).

This is a Fae haven for women, LGBTQ+ folx, and POC.

Be a Me! :wink:



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Great pic. This is DRAGON123 from Warriors of water deep if your wondering who this is. Saw your open guild and looked inside and saw your awesome picture and just had to give u a compliment on it. I am in Above Syndicate guild but like to read at Ludia forum and learn from others.

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Thank you, Dragon :heart_eyes_cat:
Above Syndicate is pretty bad ass! Glad you found a guild you’re happy with, and I hope to cross spells and swords with you in battle soon! :smiling_imp:

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