Open Incubator

Hi guys,i have one question to you all.

HOW can you open 12-13 Incubators every day to get alaqua dna?

Is there any tactic or something like that?

i try different tactics but i get that daily mission once a week…

thx for help!

There’s no trick to going through battle incubators quickly except for paying cash to open them.

Anyone try changing phone timezone or anything like that?

the max it will reach 15 incub to open perday. and it stop till there, no further increase. yes look like no other way for this mission but have to spend cash to open.

the tactic is to pay open all the 30m and 3m incub. click “watch” if can for the 3. the 80m let the timer run.
Another choice (if u have extra money and prefer this tactic), open all 3m, 30m, 80m incub with cash, and let only the super big Epic and Rare incub only run in your slot with timer.

the later tactic sounds like more waste money. but actually it is not. because after completing the whole cycle, it will end up like u get the big Epic & Rare incub for free.

but thats a stupid number of icubator to open.
i really dont want to use cash or money for this…

if they would count the number of strike incubators it would be easy to get the number of open incubators…but now its unpossible.

yea, ive to agree @foka89. really painful.

Just tried, for science. And it doesn’t work.

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Use the cash from daily spins and quests to speed incubators! but only speed up when it gets to 10-15ish hard cash to finish it. I did it for a while then realised I was wasting time as my alanky is lvl 20 and not on team

I tend to hit it every other day. It drops back to 13 from 14 and I spend a day while it’s at 14 using my 8 hour or 12 hours so I can save 15 min and 3 hour ones for the next day. Then I wait to open incubator till just after midnight. Wait to open free incubator till then. And wait to open 10 defeat incubator until then.

yeah thats a nice idea.but only every 2 days :frowning: