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Open Letter: Formal Refund Request


Dear Ludia and Development Team of DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising,

I would like to request a full refund for all my in-game purchases (valued at $986.54 CAD before tax) for account HIDDEN, Support Key HIDDEN. Purchases were made through Apple App Store. You are more than welcome to delete, close or otherwise inactivate my account after the refund process is complete, and please feel free to contact me to proceed further.

Like I said in some of my other posts, I love the concept of the game and I wouldn’t have dished out close to $1000 if I didn’t like it so much. That said, in light of recent experience with the game and the customer support (or the absence of), I feel deceived and disappointed by the lack of transparency and communication, and I certainly don’t feel that I got any positive utilities out of my purchases, whether it be enjoyment or otherwise. The game is not nearly ready to be launched with the lack of content and proper testing/fine tuning, and the rush to launch it means that the first players to play the game are at risk of being lab rats at their own expense. The situation could easily be turned around if proper customer support and open line of communication is present, but unfortunately it is not.

I am making this request in the form of an open letter in an attempt to raise awareness of the issue and hopefully the development team would do something about the game so that future players would not have to go through what we - all current players of the game - are going through.

Respectfully Submitted



Original post edited to hide personal information as per request of admin.



It’s a shame to see you go @Jing_Peng. You are a real credit to the community. I hope that Ludia take your feedback seriously.

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Unfortunately they didn’t. I got their reply and it was the same brush off type of statement, basically saying “I’m sorry that these features and changes have not met your expectations. Unfortunately, your refund request cannot be fulfilled. For more information on refunds, please visit our Terms of Service here:


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They need to start to show more consideration for the community or this game is going to die.


Rough to see you are treated this way. You are indeed right the game is still being developed as seen by lack of chat, and other options “still under development”.

Please keep us updated. I appreciate your professional and respectful approach to this.

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Thank you @mighty @Skrill. Your support means a lot to me, and I truly believe that more support from the community will help motivate (force) the dev team to come forward and focus on making the current game reasonably enjoyable instead of focusing on contents that may pile onto all the current dysfunction.



I got the third and likely the final response from Ludia. The best they have to say is “I’m sorry that you are disappointed in the support you have received. Unfortunately, your refund request cannot be fulfilled.”

Oh well, time to move on. This whale is officially dead. Not because I couldn’t get my money back, but because Ludia has proved time and time again that they don’t value the things that I value the most in a game.

Good luck guys and gals, and please keep voicing your concerns, otherwise they will always remain as concerns and never gets addressed.



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