Open letter to Ludia and all players

I’ve spent a lot of money on this game. I enjoy it and there’s always been good competition. When stat boosts were introduced I started to excel but after a week or so I started to get knocked loose loose badly. So much so I got knocked back 2 arenas.

Then the revamp. I got refunded. I bought more stat boosts. I was raging through the two areas I dropped until the past few days. I’m being out matched! Again. A 3100 Erlidominus critical hit me with a 10,200 rampage!! How could anyone’s team defend against that? Answer: You can’t!

I was loving boosts it mixed up the game and one needed to change their strategy but this has to go. I’m not spending another dime on this game. It’s not just unfair to free players but paying players as well.

If this game is to survive and keep paying customers like myself or even free players, then boosts to be eliminated or at least strongly crippled as not to give 1% of the players an outrageous advantage.

When my bucks and darts run out. My money is not going in. Not anymore. If this stat boost nonsense is not rectified I’m done. I won’t even play this game for free.


  • G.R.T.

@Ardens perfect example :joy:

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I may be. That’s just my just opinion. It’s not whining about who be me or you etc when the playing field severally lopsided. I really don’t care if I loose a battle. It happens all the time. One thing for sure is I lost a 1000 trophies in a few days. That’s never happened nor should it It’s certainly not my skill or strategy that’s at fault. It tells me something is very wrong with the game.


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Haven’t creatures attacking out of a cloak, (like Indom and Erlidom), always done massive x4 damage even before boosts were introduced?

Maybe try a dino with a shield so it can cut that damage in half, a dino with remove positive to remove the x4, or if you have a dino with instant invincibility, it can drop that 10,200 damage down to 0.

Thats a decent way to defend against Erli. :relaxed:

Just trying to help.

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Well, then let someone do that. The fact that this content is in every other post validates my point. If this was an acceptable change to the games dynamics then the posts would be half the number and full of praise not decent.

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@GorillaGlue. Thanks. I appreciate that. Yes see instant invincibility might be the only way to defend against that type of attack. I don’t think there are enough meta creatures that can do that.

My Thor and Erlidominus are extreme powerhouses but none of my armored creatures would be able withstand that type of raw power from that attack and there’re juiced up to.

When the game picks the right team I can plow through a dozen battles with no losses. In all the time I’m playing this game that’s never happened. My losses are just as extreme. The fact is it’s extremely frustrating for myself and others. All I’m looking for is balance in gameplay.

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Get G.R.T, sorry for that 10,200 crit

That’s all you did? Thought you had a good team…lol

I get you man. Im there with you myself. The first time boosts were introduced I enjoyed it. I did not use either exploit at all. Even this one recently. But I enjoyed it. I was actually progressing without “buying” my way up the rankings.
I did feel it was fair to others, to have boosts rolled back as they did. After that, i went down 800+ trophies. I used the boosts that were given legitimately. From 5,600+ to under 5K. My team level is 28. We got another arena update about 10 days ago, things got worse. Now Im at 4700 trophies and Im just like how? I put so much time and grind (as well as some money, here and there).

There are so many overly boosted dinos out there. It’s not a “small percentage”, it’s a percentage that is clearly affecting the gameplay of those that have paid money or are free to play.

The day they took boosts off of the store this second time around, I didnt event get to “buy” with 500 hard cash the health boost of the day for one time that day.
I restarted the game because if froze, and that was it, they were gone. Meanwhile, there are plenty players out there that were able to acquire it. 25 boosts token makes a difference specially at low-to mid tier.

Ludia, you have to fix this. Roll back again. Something. Please.


My team is almost the same pre boosts and I haven’t spent a scent on them. I have use free bucks but only got about 7 health and 7 attach when we could buy the 20 of each.

I used them all on magna, erlid, tryko and thor and dioraj. Other dinos on team have non bit that is the chance I take without spending and not spreading the ones I did get to thin. I originally dropped 300 from almost 5100, now back around 5000. I do lose a lot more and sonetime 3-0 but I typically lose 10 and gain 50.

My team is not bad. I made it back to Lockwood I’ll see how the competition to see if I need to keep collecting all the boosts I can.

I give you the reason that the changes introduced in this version were very annoying for almost everyone, although I think the situation has improved a lot and now little by little each player is returning to the level he deserves.

In what I do not give you the reason is in the example of Erlidominus. A blow of 10,000 seems like a big blow but it’s not an exaggeration and less to be a second blow. I will give examples:
If there is a Tryko in front, that blow will always do ZERO damage.
If there is a Tragodistis in front, that hit “almost always” (will depend on how the player plays) will do a ZERO damage.
If there is a Dioraja in front, that blow will always do a ZERO damage.
If there is a Spinonix in front, it will give him a hit X2, whatever happens to Erli that, if he does not kill him, will leave him very weakened so that another dino can finish it.
If there is a Thor in front, before that hit occurs Thor can make a hit that kills any Erli (50% chance) or Instant Charge that if it does not kill the Erli, it will leave it badly damaged (25% chance) .
If there is a Utarinex in front, the same will happen with Thor, except that the blows will be weaker.
If there is a Magna in front (and assuming it is slower), in the worst case Magna will damage Erli with a 1.5 blow that will leave him very weak.
In fact, I often wonder if Erli really deserves to be Tyrant.


Hey thanks. I see your point. Maybe my example was not the best one to use. The fact I saw it several times in a level 8 arena in recent days may have caught me off guard. It seems I’ll have reevaluate my team since I’m back in Lockwood. I still don’t see a leveling out yet. Maybe that needs a little more time.


Well put and exactly right. Erlidom is still Tyrant for the simple reason that when you need that level of damage often played early with speed that’s all you really have. As a situational use play that gives it great value.

Yes, actually I guess it’s right that it’s Tyrant. The point is that for me there is a lot of difference between what I think is the best Tyrant (Tryko) and the rest, and, on the other hand, I think there is little difference between that rest of Tyrant and some Apex 1. For example , I believe that a Utarinex is equivalent or better than an Erli of the same level. In fact I think it’s good for the game that the differences are not very high between Tyrant, Apex 1 and even Apex 2.

I don’t disagree with anything you’ve posted in any major way. Agreed. Where Rinex and Erlikdominus are different is how far Erlikdominus can “reach up” at times. That may not be what you experience especially depending on your team make up.

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High level erlid and magna are awesome right now with boosts. Boost erlid health and attack high enough it can one shot a lot of dinos without even cloak. If health high enough it does enough damage to thor to bring in rat next and no more thor. May end up sacrificing rat but bring erlid right back in for the same damage to next dino. As long as health high enough to withstand initial attack from thor.