Open letter to Ludia

Dear Ludia,

I have been playing since August 2018. I used to subscribe to VIP, bought most all the OTO and other offers. I spent a lot of money on this game, probably over a grand.

The reason I don’t spend like that anymore is because you degraded the game. You nerfed spawns, supply drops, special event drops. Some creatures are basically unobtainable unless you cheat or if you cheat.

I really want to spend money on this game again, I really want to enjoy it again and be invested.

I won’t mention boosts, because that doesn’t really bother me as much as everything else you nerfed.

Please, make this game great again. I haven’t gotten excited about hunting in almost a year probably. I still haven’t seen an epic snake!!!

I want to spend money, I want to rejoin VIP, PLEASE, I beg you, make it worth it again!



Am I the only one that feels this way?


No, i feel the same except for the boosts. The moment they where introduced i abandond the arena. I just came back for the rhino dna with the dialy quests. And now bary isn’t worth the torture you have to undergo in the arena. I also have spend a small fortune on this game. Just to buy the sents needed for grinding and maxing out your dinos. I still love the hunting part.

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i think boosts should’ve been done like JWTG. one per dino, varying effects, and temporary.


I spent the last full patch Hunting Baja in the parks just to have a goal with Hunting. FYI, got it to L30 and it is almost unplayable. So I basically just spent the last 2+ Months in parks to tread water hoping they cut out all the FIP exclusive BS Dinos and next patch and give good hunting dinos again… Next patch drops and …Epic Snake for a limited time only. BARF!!


DragonHunter you are certainly not the only one!

Me, my wife and our son used to all be willing to spend money on the game. My wife and I had vip and our son would get the odd scent or special offer.

Then along came boosts and that was the end of any of us spending money on a game with no balance.

To further compound things the map and spawns totally suck now. Up to Wednesday, green stops are everywhere, then the rares come out and they diminish. By the time the epics come out or when there is a special legendary they’re non existent, such as right now as I write. Farcical, and inexcusable.

I think it’s a really poor show that we get absolutely no communication from Ludia. A little could go a long way yet we get none at all. And the poor mods have to try and appease a very upset player base when everyone has gone home for the weekend.


The reason why the game got crap is because people like you gave them money for nothing. You enabled their lousy game design to be centered around squeezing as much as possible from the few whales as possible. So…blame yourself.

To clarify I have no problem with spending to support the devs. I do have a problem with the way Ludia monetized it. I’d have been happy to spend money on cash to get non-P2W things like dino-skins or something.

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You’re right. We’re all guilty. We all kept playing, some paid. You’re just as guilty for continuing to play, that still makes the game relevant and earns them money.

For what it’s worth, there aren’t a few whales, there are lots of whales. I just made the decision to stop paying.

All their games are like this, not just JWA.

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Blaming those who want to progress fast is why the playerbase is ignored by Ludia. This forum is full of whiney kids who have stopped being Ludia’s target customer base some come here to mock the existing players while remaining clueless of the actual game.

The problem to me is Ludia is incompetent. They do not know how to make money just sell something that in theory makes money but ends up annoying the paying class and ostracising the leech class aka FTP.

The solution is to push the game back into a hunting and exploring game. It has a bad PVP system and very limited options for battle grinding outside losing repeatedly in campaign and using their scatological friendly system.

The part of this game that is hate most is the arena. Its unstable, full of bad faith actors and take up a lot of time. I can tolerate it for the sake of my alliance and my need to succeed. Boosts ; nerfing of drops, spawns, events and other exploration related activities; tournaments, etc… Show that Ludia wants PVP to the main part of the game. Which is why the game sucks to play.

The game is becoming a lard bucket’s AR game instead of an active person’s dino game. Spoofing and sitting on public transport yields better dividends than actually hunting. PVP can be done in the comfort of your home.

To me, Ludia wants JWA to fail because it hates its customers and wants to go bankrupt. Bad decisions is one thing. Not going through with good ideas is a completely different level of incompetence.

And everything still comes back around with a 360 and points at boosts. You would think some of the great minds at ludia HQ know that boosts are not sustainable. Take the hit. Refund the in game cash for what was purchased, know some players will quit over it, ( so be it ) and go a different more sensible direction to earn profits for the bottom line. But we all know the sensible thing won’t be implemented.

I dun think Ludia would be able to justify removing boosts and refunding HC much less actually refunding The amount of losses would be too much to take. Not to mention no new revenue for weeks if not months.

I felt the same way. I thought boosts were a cool ideaat first, but ended up being a horrible mistake.Boost 2.0 came around and looking at it on paper I thought the might’ve nearly perfected it. When it finally rolled out it was still a mistake, whatever they were trying to do with the prices hurt the situation even more. As for the actual mechanics I think they’re a lot better now, but the price, cost per tier, and speed boost are not right. After the permanent boost sale I gave up I don’t spend much time playing, I spend more time here with all of you than I do In the game.

Imho spawns and inc rewards have to be reworked.
Over time there are so much dinos out there, some in the wild, some only from inc’s.
Remember how hard it was to fuse your first Magna? Mine is now at 27 with very slow progress though I’m in area 3 (and 2). Why? Iri was always hard to find but with all the new dinos out there she is almost eradicated. Same with Erliko G2 and other dinos. To make it worse some dino DNA, e.g. Erliko G2, is needed to fuse two dinos.
After each release events, tournaments, etc. focus on the new creatures which is good, because some of them cannot be found in the wild (even when announced) and are as hard to fuse as Magna.
Not to mention the fact that a lot of DNA from some of the new and old dinosaurs is required for two-step fusions.
Thus the backlog or stagnation regarding fusions is getting bigger and bigger with each release.