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Open Opportunity for All Guilds

Hello from the We Are Family of guilds.

We currently have 3 guilds, and are starting a 4th. 5 guilds have joined up with their active players and they have been nothing but happy with the move.

All 3 are finishing this raid.
We Are Bad Company only started 1.5 weeks ago, are currently at 70% on track to finish.
We Are The Offspring finished in 12th started 5 weeks ago and are aiming for more EXP.
We Are Misfits are in 3rd place with our eye on you Ravenloft. ;p

We run a discord server that we all share. There’s loadout channels for each character, a data section with tables and charts for those that like that kinda thing, an events section where strategies are shared for every rally and raid, and a PvP section that will help to up your game.
There’s also a random section, food channel, music channel, and much much more.

There’s more to community than just a game right?

If you’d like to see what the We Are Family are about we fully believe in puttin’ our money where our, admittedly big, mouth is. Message me for an invite to the server to see it for yourself.

You may be surprised, but you won’t be disappointed.

Shoeless Rob#8331 <-------Discord name

P.S. There is no leader, we trade off leadership often. Everyone has a say in decisions, and has opportunity to lead if they wish.



Just frying up some Hawaiian delight

We up to 5 guilds full and strong. Not slowing down. One active discord