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Open Season Challenge (If I could get a Dino Buck for every Rat I take out)

PvP Arena Hunting: Hunting in the Arena

When deer hunting season comes, we get our bows and rifles and go out and hunt for deer.

Here in JWA on certain days, we go out hunting for certain creatures as I was doing at hunting Kelenken during dusk and Entelodon on Sunday. I even take off to other zones to hunt specific Creatures there.

How about adding an arena hunting challenge.
What we do is select a specific creature we want to take out such as Dracoceratops. The hunting game is that for each Dracoceratops we take out we earn a Dino Buck and a little DNA of the hunted creatures. This would just be very small amounts for the higher rarities like 1 DNA for a Unique, 3 DNA for a legendary, 5 DNA for an epic, 10 DNA for a rare and 20 DNA for a common.

Let’s say I run into a lot of Tyrannolophosaur’s. I do often on my 2nd account. I could use a few DNA and earn a dino buck for every one I see and take out. What I do is set Tyranolophosaur as the creature I’m hunting and then start going into PvP battle. I may or may not get an opponent that has one or will pull one out but if my opponent does and I can take it out, I earn a dino buck and 3 DNA.

On my primary account, I may want to hunt Thors. I would pick Thor as the creature I’m hunting and go play some PvP battles. Every Thor I get pulled on me and can take out, I get a dino buck and one DNA. It’s not a lot but would add a reason to do more PvP.

Just like going out in my own zone to find Sinoceratops, chances are, I may not see one at all but keep going out time and time again, I will eventually find one and get around 100-150 DNA. Same in the arena. I won’t see the creature I’m hunting in every battle (unless I’m hunting rat). This would greatly get me to want to PvP more just for the challenge of the hunt.

Please consider.


I just wish Lydia had implemented battle records for each Dino. So you know which of your creatures has gotten the most kills

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This just seems like an attempt to fulfill some sort of revenge fantasy against dinos that people typically have problems with. Not really a fan.