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Open the slots for more Evolution Dinos


Hey Ludia its really hard to wait along time to evolue a creature especelly at level 30 and i know we can use spend bucks to evolute another creature my suggestion we use bucks to open slots without spending bucks again same as for hatchery Dino slots it would be really great


I agree, perhaps make the incubators cost much more to unlock but once you’ve paid the flat out price of x Dino bucks you have unlocked that incubator and can use it for free from there on

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Rather than buying the slots of both the evolution chamber and incubators, I think there should be more, especially for late-game. Then reduce the cost of them.

I have 4 tourneys hatching and a backlog of like 300 Dinos. I would like to hatch them and sell them for DNA, but I don’t because of the more inportant dinos I need to hatch.

I think it’s time these features get much needed QoL changes.


Agreed as well


Not just that there are many things needs to be added

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