Open up DNA requests

I understand the point of Alliance is mainly for DNA requests, chat is just an extra, but I think it would be great to open up requests to be fulfilled outside of the Alliance, like a trade market or something. I logged on tonight, looked through feed and felt comfortable, so I clicked my request on Dracorex to finish working on my Utarinex, I’m 110/250 to creating it. Not 10 minutes later there are 2 more people requesting Dracorex and 45 mins later 2 more on top of that. Now no one has fufilled any of them, I have some my son donated, but that is it. It’s aggravating because I had the same thing happen all week with Tentosaurus, so I switched it up, just to waste yet another request. If this was opened up to a bigger market then there is better chance for fulfillment. I’m sure there are people sitting on hundreds of Dracorex DNA they don’t need, they’re just not in my Alliance!

Your requesting DNA ppl need for unique so the results match the request

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explain how this “trade market” would work and how it would differ from what you are experiencing now.

are you meaning that we would buy dna instead?

I understand that, but my point is there are now 5 people in the Alliance asking for the same DNA, that no one is donating. It’s very frustrating to check the chat see that noone is requesting something and then request it, just for 4 more people to request it right after you.

Not purchase DNA but more of a trade market like if I need something someone can request other DNA from me and then we trade, or just like an open market where you scroll the window and see if someone needs something you have and just donate. By limiting it to the 50 max, and there’s never 50 online, you limit the chance people get the DNA they need. I’ve also suggested extending the time since there is only 2 requests per day, have the request last for 12 hours or until fulfilment, so that more people have a chance to donate, and then upon collection have the request open up again, and last til reset. I’ve seen people suggest a chance to cancel a request if it looks like it won’t be fulfilled so that we’re not wasting our 2 requests.

personally i wouldnt like that. its called “alliance” get the right ppl in there and make it work.

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whos to say the same thing wont happen in the trade market. now nobody has a personal attachment to you so why should they donate to you? how would you get what you need in a timely manner? its called “alliance” because it should be full of friends and ppl you can trust and have fun with. in my alliance, we fullfill requests, have fun, pvp etc…


Then I go back to my other suggestion, increase the time so more people have a chance to donate.


increased time would be nice

This 1 is reasonable. Allow a request every 12 hours and it remains open until full, 12 hrs or/ and allow the requesting party to collect itwhen theyre ready

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Yeah I think that way it gives more alliance members a chance, I notice usually there is only about 8-10 online at a time in my Alliance. Plus it makes sense since we only get 2 requests a day.