Opening game stuck at 21/30

Hey a two people of our alliance have problems login into there account for a while. sometimes when they login there game sometimes gets stuck at 21/30. Anyone has any ways how to fix it? They have the problem since 2.13 got implemanted.

How old is there phone/iPad? it could be that there ipad/phone is really old!? But I’m not sure

“It’s Galaxy S21+. Bought it in August 2021”

Hey there, Dyltrex. Could you please kindly ask your Alliance members to reach out to our support team at so our team can take a look at their account?

Thank you!

I also encounter same problem since update but no solution until today, sometimes we can login every 3 or 4 hours. So only solution is be patience until new update come next months :sob:

This is excactly what my alliance members have

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I will ask them, thank you Ned

It’s not :thinking:that old

1 thing for sure… this 21/30 problem only happen in ANDROID…

i also have this problem since update till today… no solution but i can play without problem using my IPAD… so how long should we wait for fix? it is almost a month already…

my IPAD is very old… and it is so laggy…

don’t ask support… i did few times already… and the best answer they have is… they are working on it, and they ask us to try reinstalling the game… hello? we as gamer pay a lot… can’t you pay more to fix this problem faster???

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Yeah agree, it seems only Android was affecting by this stuck login issue

I use old phone to play, same as you which is very laggy and easy to overheat due to game size

Hope they fix it in next update which is they usually do.
I endure almost this 1 months with my old laggy phone already

Login issue is the most annoying bug ever ! :exploding_head: