Opening Screen.Could it be a New Pterosaur Hibrit


I think.It will be Pteranadon hibrit


İt is the in the middle with big teeths and long tail


It is called the Dimorphodon. I have it in the other Jurassic World game that I play. It could be making its way to this game soon. I’m not sure if or when but it could.


Thx.Maybe it would be add JWA soon.


Yeah it’s a Dimorphodon. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t come to the game at some point, otherwise they are promoting something that they don’t intend on including.


Yeah. Dimorphodon. Not a hybrid.


It’s been advertised on the JWA Facebook page multiple times, and it was one of the antagonists in Jurassic World. I’m sure they’ll add it


It’ll be part of their second round of pterosaurs probably next update or two. Dimorphodon is assured, others could be scaphognathus, rhamphorhynchus, eudimorphodon etc in the same small pterosaur type


I am really really hoping that we stay away from pterosaurs updates for a while now since we have had pretty much nothing but birds the last 2 weeks. We need some time in between pterosaur updates after this.


I agree. Give me something I can level up for my team…I’m struggling to win now. Give me a lot of secondontus or whatever she is called, to counter that blasted stegocerotops and stygmis. Blasted things have 100% stun rates it seems.