Operation Save Arena!

This is my new video series where I put together a low level team to avoid all the Thors and rats and so on, in a last ditch attempt to have fun again!

A new episode each and every day =D, hope you all enjoy!

Episode #1

Episode #2

Starting tomorrow each episode will be me fully doing my daily battle incubator, all 10 kills :slight_smile:

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Those Indoraptors are tough to beat, I think I’ve only won against 3 of them (and usually took me 2 dinos, unless Kapro got lucky enough to beat the dodge).

Yeah they are strong because in lower arena when they are the first unique players tend to get, they are stronger than the typical epics you fight.

Though to be fair that was simply a matchmaking issue, as my all level 15 team (all 8 team members at exactly level 15) should not have been facing a dinosaur with 1600 damage lol.
I think my strongest Dino was Blue with 780 damage? tops?

I have legendaries on my team and even they struggle. Distract? Indo cleanses it anyway. Utasino crit? Not enough, the HP is huge, and even crit + stun won’t do. Often even the stun fails. I’m not going to boost anything else until I get my Erlidom (20 DNA so far in it). Then I can get rid of some pesky gigantic rats.

My strongest is probably Utasino (lvl 20 unboosted), though Indominus Rex (lvl 20 unboosted) sure takes down a lot of the hard stuff + rats way easier.

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On that first video, don’t you hate how that 75% chance of stun seems to work 100% of the time?

On that 2nd video, I know how that feels. I got one shotted 3 times in a row with a super boosted 16 T-rex.

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Yeah and then my Pachy swap in stun fails lol, I mean it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since it would have just cleansed and ran anyway so I wasn’t going to win, but honestly with his cleansing dinosaurs, stuns, boosts and higher levelled dinosaurs, he should have killed me sooner lol.

In those matches where you have no hope like the 2nd video, just play as normal but don’t actually expect to win, then its not as bad when you lose.
I generally consider it a no-contest and move onto the next fight.