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Ophiacodon nerfed

Maybe I’m the only one that uses an Ophiacodon, but it was a nice little cheap dino immune to everything, with a nice bite as his second attack, which I used mostly against distracting chickens. But on the last update it got no improvements, but it lost its distracting immunity, which makes it a lot less useful.

Was it overpowered that it needed such a nerf?

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It didn’t get singled out in losing immunity. Immunity was removed from the game 100%.

It got several resistance abilities, it’s just in this case it didn’t get the resistance that you would have wanted.

Nothing to do with it being OP.

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The loss of immunity to distraction wouldn’t be so bad if there were not so many distracting creatures.


I know full immunity is no more, but seeing many creatures with 6+ inmunities I wonder why Ophiacodon was left only with 3, without giving it any other ability.

Yes this is strange, some creatures that didn’t have anything before got more resist than formerly fully immune creatures. The immunity is now worse in my opinion cuz almost everything has it now and more of it tho I guess the 50%, 75% and 90% was necessary instead of 100% every time.