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Ophiacomimus is one of my favourite hybrids in Jurassic world the game and I wanted to see it in Jurassic world alive. So I made this and I wanted to see your feedback.!


Move this to suggestions

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Sounds cool. I’m on board :+1:

Although I would prefer for it to have null counter, it makes more sense because of the parentage and I think it just fits better.

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I agree! When dracocerato came out, I misread it and thought procerathomimus was getting a hybrid, I was very disappointed when I found out it was proceratosaurus. (Not that I don’t like procerato)

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Wrathomimus needs a hybrid, but Alanky and Dimodactlus are WAAAAY overdue.


I think Ophiacomimus should be a rare creature. Ophiacodon and gallimimus cab get a 3rd hybrid. Notopatosaurus has 3

Also superhybrids doesn’t need ro be a unique
It’s should be legendary like gigaspikasaur,tragodistis,and nodopatotitan

Cough Monolo, Tyrannolo, DCrat, Dsungia, Grypo, cough

Rarity has no rules. It makes no sense but Ludias gonna Ludia. I was going to make the same comment, but then remembered… everything we “know” about this game could completely thrown out the window next update.

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I meant superhybrids shouldn’t always be unique

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The only unique super hybrid that has a rare hybrid is grypolyth but to be fair he is made with an epic creature

Yes true. Although this is one I wouldn’t mind being unique.

There’s plenty of legendaries that don’t make sense though. Mono, Rat, Tyrannolo, ect these don’t follow the basic rarity rules, thus creating “illegitimate” if you will super hybrids.

Its really cool looking but maybe too op i know its unique but it could take on any its spewn can be boosted and resilients cant decreases its speed due the the resist so i dont think it will be in the game but i hope so

ok, is this better?


Give it more attack. Just a bit more, as it now has some fierce in it. And I think Procerato has 1600 attack.

It’s kind a counter to monolometrodon

I love it!!! And it won’t be so hard to get! If this comes out I will be so happy and I can finally put all the dna I have for it to good use

I like the idea, but it does not need a counter when it has 1500 attack, dont know how I feel with cautious strike honestly and the armor piercing rampage. I would maybe nerf attack to 1300-1350, make apr cunning rampage maybe, and idk about cautious, change the resistances to 100 speed decrease immunity since alloraptor has it and this is a fierce cunning like alloraptor, and make it immune to vulnerable, and maybe distraction to 75% immune.