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Opinion about jarlaxle

Jarlaxle is the character with most background story he had to be gained for us to use.

Sadly I feel he is lacking in PvP a free action with one of his buff would be a fix better portable hole too.

But I want everyone opinion about him you can give some background of your level mine is level 17 and I’m around 4600 trophy

  • Jarlaxle is fine
  • Jarlaxle need to be buffed

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I agree that Jarlaxle needs ‘extra action’ added to either a class item or a hat.

I do not have Jarlaxle myself as he has generally been the easiest opponent to face in battle. Perhaps he has some use in Challenges or Guild Rallies but he seems utterly outmatched in PvP.

Although I do not own Jarlaxle, I agree some improvement is clearly required.

There are other hero adjustments made in this update which confuse me, such as the improvements to Halbenet’s heal or Improving Raika’s attack while increasing the duration of her counterattack. These changes are baffling.

I may not be the best judge since some of my choices are based on fun even though I know other options are better. Heart of the Cards! Since you get the free move every turn with a guaranteed action Jarlaxle can be really cagey in PvP. Also his Portable isn’t consistent but in certain situations it is impossible to play around since it can’t miss. I enjoy Jarlaxle fine the way he is.


Saarvin - 75% extra action boots w/ AC boost + AC debuff quiver w/ extra action

Naomlen - 75% extra action boots w/ stealth buff + ATK boost bag w/ extra action

Joppa - 100% extra action boots + reflect dmg buff w/ extra action

Jarlaxle - 100% extra action boots + (nothing)

… seems to me like Jarlaxle is getting short changed.


If he was given a multiple attack option or an extra attack upon movement that would help. Right now his only advantage is he can be built to not be nerfed. So really he ends up being best as a defensive build against mind flayers or Calliope.

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You can also add that he need to slowly buff and now he can loose that build up by nayeli dispel and Joppa rare weapon

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I’m so disappointed I looted him during last contest.
He’s the weakest/useless characters in the pool, a big disavantage in PvP in comparison with the “old” characters.
No experience with Joppa so far but, based on
@Greenwave :wink: use of him, he seems quite powerful (especially the death action).

Jarlaxe does need a buff.


In my opinion Jarlaxle is still powerful enough.
Unlike other jobs that can only do immediate damage, Jarlaxle needs a self-buff.
So I think it would be good enough to just add an extra action to the hat’s buff.


Well we can agree that he need some love like a free action on a hat or bag

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Would you not suggest he’s easiest since he is quite new and thus he’s not at the same power lvl as the original character group, who we’ve had a year to max out?

I recently got him, I’ve fast tracked best I can, but he is at lvl 11, my main group are 16-17.
So naturally his weapon/armor, hps and lvl bonuses are far lower making for an unfair comparison.

You have faced a lvl 17, or higher if your lvl is such, Jarlaxle all jacked and think he’s weak?

I fought a lvl 14 J once and he was quite effective.

I plan on replacing him with the thief, in my opinion, the cruddiest of all characters.

PS: Why not get him, advance his lvl and in the event the game equalizes his power down the road, (if he is indeed uder powered) , you will have him in your arsenal.

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Well my jarlaxle is 17 and my team is between 15-18 he has max gear on nearly every item slot level 8 epic helm weapon armor level 11 pants level 16 common bad and wondrous item so he is better geared then many of my other hero if I can get him to double buff he is effective but it 2 turn doing nothing else and roughly 50% of my turn just buffing

@Khmer, you have provided some food for thought.

However, I do not think the Jarl’s I have faced are new or under-leveled. Although I find battling Jarlaxle to be extremely rare (I doubt I face him in 5% of battles as most players at my level do not include him in on the roster) I admit I cannot precisely ascribe an average level to the Jarlaxle’s I have faced. 99% of the heroes I face range between levels 16 and 20, with an average being level 17. I assume most of these Jarl’s were similarly leveled, some above level 17, some below.

I also admit I am only acutely knowledgeable of Jarl’s items and abilities. This being said, generally, his lack of defenses, mobility and stealth have rendered him useless in battle. Usually I find he has been eliminated before he can have a measured effect on the battle,

I believe his weaknesses outweigh his strengths as he functionally offers little that is not available from other heroes. I suspect these issues help explain why this thread has been created.

I see no reason to incorporate Jarl into my party until he is able to withstand the initial assault. While he may have some appeal for his eccentric garb, his critical weaknesses remain a deterrent. Comments shared above by some of the game’s top players illustrate this point.


Being new I gather adjustments will be made down the road, so while I wait, I figured I’ll get him lvled, i don’t place him in my rotation but items from chests and in stores do find their way to him.

And is he not the coolest looking of all?

Not everyone is. lol

What I felt while making Jarlaxle lv.20 is that his DMG (range) is attractive enough. But ONLY Jarlaxle with buff.
(DMG (melee) is a little less than high risk, I think)

There are two PvP strategies. One is to prepare for battle and then to fight all-out(total war), and the other is blitzkrieg. But in this game, The former has no merit compared to the latter. Because it is enough without a buff. Even his buffs are personal. Not group.

Therefore, even though he is an attractive class, I do not use him very well. If, as I said before, the battle time is long enough to get his fight-preparation, at least 1 round, I’ll be able to use him well. If not, he will be useful if extra action is given to the buff, at least on his hat.

To be honest, maybe he’ll be still useful, however, in extreme high-end. (with L4 hat & L4 portable hole)
Unfortunately, mine are L3 & L2. :joy: (but, armor is L4)

Sorry for my bad English, thanks.


Responding to a couple of different posts. My Jarlaxe is level 19 and I still don’t use him for pvp. I used him for a couple of months when he was around levels 16-18 and felt he was underpowered. I agree he needs an extra something. Action + move, or action + one of the buffs, or an extra round on a few more buffs? Something. Using turns solely to buff, even after a free move, only for the buffs to wear off quickly is not profitable in pvp or pve.


He’s actually not the newest. Joppa was a more recent addition and this was the second offering for Jarlaxle. Joppa is balanced IMO and Jarlaxle is not. An extra action item would help.

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Well thank everyone for giving your opinion that good food for thought.

I also agree that knowing some of the stats for legendary level4 could maybe change a lil bit my opinion. Lot of constructive comment. I still think something could be changed and hope someone on the dev team / balance took time to read it.

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‘quite new’, which is what I actually wrote, is completely different from ‘newest’, your derogatory misquote🤐

Both Joppa and Jarlaxl have a very disappointing weaponry. Both legendaries are horrible. Joppas at level one does less damage if it procs single target, and Jarlaxls poison damage is so low it is nothing. I have not seen lvl 4 stats though, but that is something most people will never get to anyways.