Opinion about the Boosts

Ok guys, I would like to know your opinion about the boost

Do you think they have ruined / improved the game?

Do you think there would be a way to coexist with them or do you prefer to be completely eliminated?

I personally hate them since they literally broke the game and the battles, plaguing them with Thoradolosaurus and Dracoceratops

Being impossible sometimes to try to play a battle without your team being swept by those two mentioned or any other dino full of steroids, for example the image below which clarified before another user went up, but perfectly exemplifies how broken the game is

I will be glad to read your comments and hopefully this works even if only to a small extent so that Ludia despite her greedy interests takes our opinions into account

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Your last sentence just won’t come to fruition.


I think I can see what the idea was but it hasn’t worked very well. I would prefer that they were removed from the game to bring balance and strategy back to the Arena but I think boosts are probably here to stay.


Sad but true…

Speed boosts are the real reason they ruin the game. Speed is what kept the balance in the game originally.

Another problem stems from having HP and attack raised - it makes tanks more useless than ever before from my experience. Chompers with giant attack take them out. And because of the HP rising on all dinos, more bleeders appear. Tanks barely have a purpose in the game anymore.


Boosts were designed to ensure absolutely no new players will ever join JWA because they will hopelessly be behind forever.

Not sure why Ludia wanted to decrease their revenue streams so significantly. A small quick hit now but severe drop offs going forward

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Ludia will take no notice at all.
I said before they even introduced them that this would happen, it was obvious, and even a child would know that when you take the only balancing factor out of the game, carnage will ensue.
The rat was never meant to have this much health, making it almost impossible to hit back in one shot. Nor was it meant to do this much damage, it takes out many full health uniques in one swap in.
This was known to Ludia and their answer was to nerf its shield and armour breaking properties, and BUFF its attack damage! Since the only tyrant dinos that have shield or armour are Tryko and Diora and neither can take a boosted rat out before it swaps out it wasn’t much of a nerf at all.
Same story with Thor, that unbelievably got an attack damage BOOST!
So what happens?
Players can’t buy enough boosts to catch up. And Ludia are raking in the $.

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Boosts would have been great if you had to wait until a dino was lvl 30, and they acted as enhancements, a reward for getting that far. Though they do not have many lvl 30s so that won’t do so well money-wise for Ludia. However, boosts could help players with lower tier critters to gain advantages in lower arenas, provided they do not focus on hoarding them for uniques later on.

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I would prefer them to be removed or that we got an option to retrieve them from individual dinos. The biggest problem with boosts besides the arena inbalance is that it becomes impossible to use new dinos in our team.

The truth is most of us EXPECTED them to be 10 TOTAL per dino which would have been a lot of fun because you would be forced to make choices and even the boosts would become an element of the strategy of the game. Choosing to make a chomper fast would mean leaving its attack reasonable, making it hit like a truck would mean its not fast, etc etc. As is now its a joke, rats doing 4k dmg with 5k health, chompers doing 5k+ turn 1 at 160 spd… Honestly, it feels so much like theyre scuttling the game… I dont play nearly as much and I have way less fun… I dont want to move on but inevitability is visible on the horizon


I agree, they went for the quick buck at the expense of long term revenue.

I myself haven’t bought anything in weeks!

Edit: Also if boosts are here to stay, replace speed with armour and call it a day. Least counters matter then.

They’ve ruined it. I’m facing dinos in the teens with speeds inthe 150’s, hit power over 2000; and health inthe 4000’s. And to make it even more boring it’s the same dinos over and over again. It’s sad really.

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You know what I think is happening? all the players who are getting issues with matchmaking, such as unfair opponents, have been putting together B Teams and boosting them like crazy, and then going into the arena in hopes of getting winnable matches.
While this does work for THEM, as they become the strong one in the match, it then turns their opponent into what THEY were previously…the one getting unfair opponents!

Its a vicious cycle, but can be fixed if matchmaking is simply corrected.

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I think they were a good money maker with a negative impact on the game.
I would much rather try new dinos every once in awhile rather than pay for the same dinos I already have twice. It made the game stale in my opinion.
I have no clue how Ludia can fix it and that’s fine because I’m not paid to come up with solutions. LOL

I would prefer they were removed but would be happy with a nerf - be that a reduction in impact or a restriction on use. As many have said speed is the real gamechanger.

Alternatively I would be happy with a boosted and non-boosted arena and leaderboard; let those boosted Thors and rats just knock themselves out.

I was so sure that’s what would happen when I heard about them! I was even a little excited about it at that stage, since it would encourage using tactical use of the boosts.

I really didn’t expect them to be an easy (cash based) extension for the lazy people who can’t be bothered to level up.


I totally agree with this. Personally, if I was a lower level player, I’d prefer to actually NOT have access to boosts, since it means that I’ll either (probably) have a bunch of boosts sunk into creatures I can’t use later or face significant challenges in climbing the leaderboard. I know Ludia has tried to reduce both problems using Tournaments, but given 1) what a PITA it is to keep switching teams to play in Tournaments 2) most Tournaments being “Skilled” 3) top players having the funds to boost whatever is meta-relevant at the moment, Tournaments aren’t really a way to let people use Epics/Legendaries/Rares they’ve boosted in battle.

Alternatively, they could raise the player level required to use boosts to level 20, clearly marking it as an endgame enhancement.

I said this many times in the last month.
Dracoceratopous is very used for killing really easily and for having a real chance about a victory! Many players use DRACO cuz that doesn’t give an opportunity to the opponents of defending themselves! You change the dino (choosing Draco) when you want, and you kill without a reaction of the opponents!

And you repeat this process everytime you want… (Don’t forget about using “cure Attack”) :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

In the end: the boosts filled up this game of “DRACONOOBS”!
How disappointing!!!

Even at this very late stage, they could just split the arena and let players choose how they want to earn their incubators. Tournament separate teams are something they should have thought of long ago. But foresight isn’t one of Ludia’s strong spots.

Personally, I just don’t take boosts seriously. I’ve boosted a Kapro to 7/7/6 and use it as a finisher and sometimes a way to remove boosted T.Rexes. My purutaurus received T4 speed because of a tournament, though now that it has a hybrid, I wish I hadn’t invested them. Still, puru pulls his weight even though he’s just lvl 15 default hp/attack. I’ve also managed to hoard lots of boosts past that point and I’m preparing to make the biggest rat killer of my team, an Erlidominus. I just need more Erliko dna. I do not aim to get to the highest arenas (I heard the DNA pool is very diluted up there), I’m in no hurry, and it seems like the less I take arena seriously, the more I rise in trophies.

Also, all of the boosts I’ve gained, I haven’t spent a dime nor HC on them. Just battled in strikes & arena / received them during boost reset. The rest of the free 3.5k HC they gave back then … it all went on rare scents.

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The key to doing a boost free arena without upsetting heavily invested players is to allow already boosted dinos in the boost free arena with their boosts disabled.
That should please everyone… In theory. :slight_smile: