Opinion: Brachiosaurus is getting Hybrid in next update

The hints of “featured dinos” and “Dino that appear often now may not show up more later”. Brachiosaurus. Ludia’s been prepping that Dino for a few months now. Brachiosaurus seems like the most likely candidate to get a hybrid in the next coming update, especially considering how frequently it has spawned since being released in the wild.

You heard it here first.

It spawns frequently???

Uhhh definitely, I see it all the time at night. I’m sitting on like 18k DNA :joy:

Definitely need a long neck unique.


I dont think so, purely because it was a tournament reward.

Why would it being a tournament reward stop that? It was a tournament reward, it was an Incubator-exclusive, and now it’s as available as Baryonyx in the wild at night. It’s as though Ludia has been priming it up for a hybrid

They could very well make a SuperHybrid from it and have it require 200DNA/boost. What the other component would be is up in the air

Gotta disagree on it spawning “frequently”. Haven’t seen one in the wild in weeks. Heck, I’ve seen more Sinosaurus in the wild since it went global than I have Brachiosaurus by far lol

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Its more of a psychological guesstimate than proof, since you posted opinion in the title :wink:

is it meant to be a global spawn? i see one a day, sometimes more.

like two, for example.

Yeah, it is supposed to be a global spawn. In theory at least.

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Really?? I swear I see them all the time, usually 2-3 a night. They seem like the most common Epic to encounter in the wild during the night

any further inside information?

Nothing more than MetaHub’s most recent post. Within the most broad way they could implicate anything for the upcoming update, point 2. Indicated a pretty good chance it was referring to Brachiosaurus