Opinion/ Complaint/ Suggestion


In this game there should be levels but with dinosaurs more or less of the same level.
I am at level 2985 in the arenas, but in recent weeks I fight with enemies with dinosaurs of level 17/18 and legendary!
I have dinosaurs from 13/15.
I think this game is losing to the ones who pay. That’s too bad.
The decrease in the green boxes was bad. The new battle arenas in the venues are interesting.
But I’m probably going to stop playing though. I’m just losing battles with legendary.


What is happening is that the bulk of players are getting to have level 16 to 21 dinos and the tournaments brought every one to 3500.

It’s like dumping a glob of thick goop and watching it slowly settle. In this case hundreds of people all at 3500 trying to scratch and claw their way back up pushing the next guy down…all the way down into your range.

The tournament should have been a separate arena.

I’m regularly leveling dinos and just barely staying right around 3500. I think the main bulk is moving up but trying to scratch my way up into the glob is dog-eat-dog. They should not do this, this way again. It’s going to take a long time for teams to settle out.


I too am sick of fighting players with legendary teams and i-rex. They need to determine tournament rankings differently. I have been stuck at 3k to 3.2k since the tournament began.