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Opinion: double all HP stats

There was a time when you had to play 3 or 4 moves to kill a dinasaur and be strategic on how to do this the best way to get the lead.
Now battles come down to 1 or 2 moves, and in 80% of the battles, the winner is decided by the lead someone takes based on opening dinos.
Even if i win this way, i feel more lucky than pleased.
I’d say double all HP stats and let tactical play return to the arena, way more satisfying.


As we know Ludia cares a lot for their boosts.
So make Health boosts +30% frοm their current state
Attack boosts -30% form their current state
and Speed boosts +1

And perhaps we will get tactical matches again.

i want to use all the abilities,not two or less and then have a dead dino.


+5% health per tier yields +50% max
+2.5% attack per tier yields +25% max
+1% speed per tier yields +10% max

I think these or similar would work good.

But I also like the above


On the contrary, I miss the one minute battles where the higher level Velociraptor decides who wins.


Well, not double the hp, but just add a huge Attack nerf to many dinosaurs in the game.

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I’m really glad people on this forum aren’t making the balance decisions sometimes.


Honestly perfer the faster paced matches we have no though i wouldnt be against some slightly slower matches i wouldn’t want a return to the tank meta either.

When so many matches come down to who has the most boosts or atleast most speed boosts giving everything a few thousand more hps is just gonns take longer to reach the same result.

Apatosaurus Likes This :+1:


Get ready for RAT epidemic!

What’s this futuristic “balance” concept you keep talking about?

I agree that battles should not be decided by one or two hits but also don’t want them going to six or seven hits either. The two to four hit range would not be too bad though.

Really dislike the one hit kills that are so prevalent now.

I also agree that boosts should not have quite as much impact as they currently do. Total speed boosts should not exceed 10% of the dinosaurs base stats. Health and damage boosts shouldn’t be higher than the equivalent of 1 to 2 level ups (especially since boosts are easier to get than the dna required to level a dinosaur). Boosts should give a player a little bit of an advantage with equally leveled dinosaurs, but not so much that they are practically impossible to beat with dinosaurs of the same level.

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