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Opinion: How to tell if a nerf or buff is coming?


Hey there all,

Just wanted to share something so it can be understood and hopefully settle all the angry posts happening so often lately. I’ve been very fortunate to never have complained about nerfs or buffs for one main reason: this game is better than the others I’m playing. Now back to the topic.

Ludia collects stats on battles via bots and usage by users I’m sure. No decision is made on impulse. Complaining may seem to work at first but it was inevitable. So hear me out and tell me what you think or what else we can add so it can be a reference for the newcomers ready to bite some heads off.

When does a buff occur?
•No one uses a particular Dino and it should be based on its status (unique, legendary, etc)
•Too many counters or dinos can wipe it out in the arena (in two moves?)
•Stats of losses in battles exceeds wins (not due to user related errors)
•Textbook reference based predatory/superior level
•Lvl of Dino fares worse than its counterparts at lower lvl or parent hybrid

When does a nerf occur?
•When everyone uses the same Dino because it happens to be the “OP” of the season/meta
•Dino can easily take out an entire team (i.e. wiping out another Dino in 2 turns)
•Stats of wins in battles exceeds losses
•Lvl of Dino fares too well against those of higher level or its offspring

My advice is to work on your team overall but strategize (better to have multiple dinos of capable levels rather than keep chasing that OP Dino just to start all over with the next updates). More usage of a single Dino means more angry eyes, wins/losses stats, so changes are bound to happen. There will always be a shift in power to balance out the dinos so that there can be some diversity in usage. This game isn’t about one or two OP dinos even though it appears like it at times. It takes time to rework the stats but with more battles and players in time I’m sure there will be a Dino everyone likes of his/her own and not because it is the must have of the season or meta. In regards to the RNG, well it’s RNG. I know this is a sensitive topic so I’ll leave it at that.

What do you all think? I am not defending or supporting any positions as I try to stay neutral so let’s keep it that way below please.

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That just leads to a simple point:

There’s no sense to create and evolve a strong dino, cause since Ludia sees that it’s strong, they nerf it.

In this point I see no point playing this game anymore. There should be strong dinos and it should be hard to obtain it. But if you’ve got it, it should remain strong. Add new dinos ans hybrides, but let unique dinos be unique and strong.


For example, I have diorajasaur 23 and I can evolve it, but I stop myself. What if with next update it becomes useless? What if rajakylo becomes stronger then dioraja? Or may be even kentro gets some buff and will be next OP dino ?

I’m not sure that any Dino will remain strong. And I really don’t like it. It’s not about rinex. It’s about situation in general. Every update destroys what you’ve been hunting, collecting and creating. And doesn’t compensate it anyhow.


Lol yep I have a few dinos I’m waiting on the update before I evolve


You all have valid points and that’s the frustration and psyche we all go through because it’s strategy. Just like chess, you plan ahead so if it doesn’t work out you have another plan to pursue. You’re not alone! I just trust that the structuring of uniques > legendary > epic > rare (with specialists on its own scale) will be consistent and Ludia will keep monitoring the battle stats so with a little faith and good guesses so far I’ve have yet to complain about any nerfs because I rather have more dinos at lvl 25 (because coin amount gets crazy after this point) than a team focused on one or two uniques you never get in battle. At some point your thought processes will change and by then you’re either with a team of lvl 30 dinos or like me start working on another Dino to lvl 25 to have a plethora of strategems to build off of for any metas/changes to come.


How to tell? If there is a creature you really love and have worked so hard to build up … they’re a coming for you! :wink:

Seriously though, good rationale … people say it’s about money … and yes, that is their reason for existing after all … but I don’t think they just sit there and throw darts at a board. If they over nerf or over buff the stats tell them this and they adjust again … still early days …


This is an ever evolving game. If that is your mindset you might as well quit now. You have to understand the dynamics of a game that forever changes. Predicting the future is not what this game about, this game is about the present and now. Once new dinos arrive, or stats change you will need to change with it or risk being left behind. That simple. Yes did people spend coin evolving dinos? Booohooo. You did it to progress and win, that dino may or may not always be on your team. You have to accept the progress and updates of this type of game. If not we will see a stagnant game with everyone using the same dino over every update… because they don’t want change to happen.

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:clap::clap::clap: that post needed more than love


Ok, the same example with dioraja. It’s pretty good dino and I like it. If devs will make new hybrids that would deserve a place in my team and it would replace my dio, it’s ok, I don’t mind. While I collect and evolve new dino, dio is still good enough and I can still play with it.

But if they nerf dinos, somebody of my team just becames a garbage and for now I don’t have any other dino that could replace somebody of my team.

I don’t mind if they add new dinos, I like it and that’s great. But leave alone the old ones, let them be as they are, stop shaking every single dino up and down with every single update


Off topic, but do you prefer dioraja over tuoramoloch?


It depends how much they nerf the dino, sometimes people over react because they are upset about it, and it’s understandable. The only time I saw a dino has become hard to use is the V 1.2 raptors after the update. The following updates aren’t that bad. Sure some dinos are nerfed, but they are still pretty decent and not garbage.

Many people think stegodeus will become useless due to SS nerfs but still it’s pretty good. Even utarinex with the delay is still a very good dino, it has high health and can still survive a lot of matchups. I agree that they are nerfed, but not useless as it seems.

In conclusion, everything is uncertain until the update arrives. Moveset changes may only be part of the story.

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