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(Opinion) I don't think Geminititan should have Immunity

Owning a Geminititan myself, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it would get Immunity in 1.9, after the massive buff it got in 1.8 (being able to one shot Dracocera).

But, honestly…I feel like this makes it way too similar to Ardentismaxima. Given that we only have 2 sauropod Uniques at the moment, I think it would be better if both sauropods were as different as possible so that both of them can fulfill their own niche, rather than being almost completely interchangeable.

That aside, I also think that Wounding (DoT) as a tactic has gotten worse this update. While Erlikospyx and Pterovexus did get buffed, their DoT abilities aren’t as useful due to the prevalance of Immunes as well as the fact that in the upper arenas, they only have 2 top tier tanks they can really take down with their DoT abilities - Dioraja and Tryko. While, yes, those are dangerous threats that do need countering, keeping a bleeder on your team solely for dealing with those 2 can be a bit like keeping Postosuchus on your team to deal with Dracocera.

(Yes, I know they have other uses apart from anti-tanks, but you get the idea)

Not to mention that both creatures can’t even kill Indoraptors as effectively any more, given how Indoraptors can simply ignore Distractions…

What do you guys think?

Should Geminititan lose Immunity?

  • Yes, remove Immunity and buff Geminititan somewhere else
  • No, keep Immunity

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Edit: Just to clarify, I’m not saying Gemini should be nerfed, or that it should lose the speed buff it got in 1.9. I’m more targeting the fact that, thanks to Immunity, Gemini and Ardentis are almost indistinguishable, which I think is a bad thing. Should Gemini lose Immunity, it should get buffed, probably in health and damage as well as maybe getting Distracting Strike/Impact over Instant Distraction, to compensate. I want to keep Gemini at roughly its current level of relevance, except with a different role from Ardentismaxima.

Edit2: As part of its buff package, I wouldn’t entirely mind Gemini keeping Immunity to Distraction/Immunity to Stuns, so it can deal with Tryko/Thor. This post is more aimed at Immunity to DoT, as I feel that 1) having that makes it too similar to Ardentis and 2) it sort of destroys the point of having DoT, which is supposed to be an anti-tank tactic (especially aimed at very high health tanks, a la Gemini).


I don’t have geminititan yet so maybe I shouldn’t have a say, but since the tanks aren’t as useful as they used to be with all the chompers, and they usually have less damage than dinos that don’t have armor, they kind of need another thing to make them good IMO. The fact those dinos are unique tanks makes them useful in 1.9.
But I can totally understand why you’d want them to be different; dioraja (or however you spell it) is basically a bootleg tryko haha.


Yeah…I’d honestly rather have Dioraja keep Distracting Strike or Pinning Strike over Instant Distraction. Instant Invincibility makes sense from its Anky parent, but Instant Distraction isn’t something its relatives have.

I would really have liked Dioraja to have kept some of the more special signature abilities from its unique Raja heritage.

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Wow! 12 voters and the pole is still 50/50 :joy: that’s impressive!

Gemini was tyrant before, I don’t really see why it was changed in the first place.


I think that if Ardentismaxima had been buffed, and Geminititan had been left alone, you would probably have seen two differing sauropod Uniques:

-Geminititan as the higher stats, somewhat “stronger” creature, with Long Defense giving it more resilience, Decelerating Rampage giving it damage output (and turn 1 Dracocera killing), plus Nullifying Strike giving it always available Dodge nullification. But weak to DoT, especially from the newly buffed Erlikospyx and Pterovexus, the latter even being able to Nullify its Shields.

-Ardentismaxima being the Immune, high Critical rate creature with more Deceleration options, Instant Invincibility to deal with pesky Erlidoms, and Definite Rampage for a good smackdown when it’s available.

That honestly sounds more interesting to me than having two almost-identical Immune sauropods.

Side note: can we replace Decelerating Strike on Max with Pinning Strike? If we’re not going to get an outright Dracocera nerf, we might as well get some extra counters…


I kinda agree. Old Gemini with way better health and way better attack, but no immunity but it sufficiently different than maxima. Kind of wish they kept it, so that we could have a dino with better stats but no immunity, or a dino with worse stats, but armor, higher crit and immunity. It would have been a nice dynamic.

I’m not really upset over Gemini having immunity though. I don’t use it on my team, so it’s whatever.


Agreed. I actually liked the way it was before more. The immunity didn’t make much sense and I’d rather have a monster with higher HP and Damage than have two sauropods filling almost the same niche. And like you said, it makes bleeding strategies less viable, which is not good for overall balance. What I think it should have gotten is diplodocus’ swap in slow.

It absolutely should keep its immunity. It’s one of the hardest uniques in the game to create so it should wield that power and its immunity.


He should not have immunity. Hes/Her counterparts don’t have immunity, it doesn’t make any sense. He could have been immune to something but not FULL immune.


Uhmm…is it? Both Tryko and Smilonemys are made from 3 Epics, instead of an Epic and 2 Rares…

If you’re talking about Arena exclusives, then Magna, Erlikospyx, Pterovexus and Tuora all require Arena exclusive ingredients.

Regardless, I did say that if Gemini loses Immunity, it should get a buff in exchange. This isn’t asking for Gemini to be nerfed; this is asking for its stats and abilities to be adjusted such that it isn’t just a weirdly coloured Ardentismaxima.

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As a Gemini user, i have to say that immunity is a welcome help for Gemini, even with nerfed stats. Me too would have liked it if he had kept his old huge stats with no immunity, but with the huge buff that Ardentismaxima recieved in 1.9, and considering how much is difficult Gemini is to level, Maxima would have been way more stronger than Gemini this patch. So i think the immune to Gemini is to balance Maxima’s strenght and make Gemini still worth it to grind.
If you remove immunity to Gemini, you have also to nerf Maxima in some way too…


The problem is, after this update Gemi with no immunity would have been rendered useless. So, “they had to” give it immunity to keep the most difficult/exclusive dinosaur to create/level up relevant.

Indeed, there is no question about it. Its components are the most exclusive and difficult to come by. One tournament locked epic at 200 per fuse, one incubator locked at 200 per fuse.

They have given away a lot of diplo recently, but that doesn’t make you able to level it past 24 at max. You really need to work hard on sanctuaries to get dozen thousands diplo DNA. But alas, no way to obtain Arambu from sanctuaries!

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Gemini and Ardent are both very similar, but like you mentioned very good. I wish I had either at team level so I can start using them, but alas I don’t yet. Regardless, I think Gemini should lose outright immunity and maybe gain Immune to DOT. If it does lose immunity I think the correct buff would be to give it one of its ingredients swap in moves, either swap in slow or swap in distract. Currently, we don’t have any meta relevant dinos with either of those, so it would be a welcome change. Swap in distract could counter a Draco thats being swapped in, Swap in slow could counter an indo/dilo/quetz, granted you’re willing to take a hit.

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Now that they’re more or less twins, I don’t really feel like I need to push to get more Gemi. So I guess that’s a good thing?

But Gemini takes an event-locked epic AND a incubator exclusive bird. At least you can get Pachy and Turtle in incubators and parks, as well as Ankylosaurus on Sunday, unlike Diplodocus and Aramborgiana, who dont show up in the wild or incubators at all (unless themed) and cant be put in sanctuaries respectively

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Immunity should stay. It’s useful to keep those Boosted Thors at bay.


The latter part of my reply did say that if Gemini loses Immunity, it should get a buff. Preferably a combined buff to health and damage (back to 1500 damage at least so it can one shot equal-level and boosted Dracoceras). Alternatively, to differentiate it even more, maybe it could lose Instant Distraction for Distracting Strike; thanks to the prevalance of Thor Instant Distraction isn’t very useful in the current meta.

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Agree on that point, maybe make it Immune to Stun only?