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Opinion: I have accepted boosts - perspective of a semi understanding F2P

Title is not ironic, a meme, or sarcasm. Please hear me out before you label me as a Ludia sympathizer. I DO NOT like boosts. They have made the game less enjoyable for me. But please, hear me out.

Look, boosts are pretty annoying. They give an edge to players that spend more money than free to plays. We all know the drill.

But here’s the thing. I think we expect too much from a mobile game, and a free to play one nonetheless. Mobile games are notorious for not being too high quality, and we shouldn’t hold them to the same standard as triple a titles or well polished games with tons of funding. For what we have right now, we have a pretty dang solid game. Hunting is fun, the combat system is easy to understand, and dinos have unique quirks and abilities that make them fun to use. Events are weekly and strike events and campaign missions provide players with a fun PVE environment. The game is fun. That’s more than most mobile games can say, and it’s shown by how prominent of a community we have here, and on other platforms like Discord.

I don’t know about you, but if I had to pick between a game that gives an advantage to those that chose to spend money, a game with an unbearable amount of ads, or a game that outright requires a subscription fee to play, I’m picking the first option.

JWA has flaws. Nobody can deny that. But the mentality that Ludia is “greedy” or “doesn’t care about players” is kind of unwarranted in my eyes. They’re doing what every mobile game is made to do. Make money, so they can keep the game running. And if keeping this great game alive means giving some people with deep wallets a slight advantage, fine. I certainly have made my peace with the idea of boosts, and I hope at least a few people out there share my mindset.


You do know Ludias first software was an online slot machine gambling game, which sole purpose was the pray on gambling addiction right? just for the record lol

Also the game had more players and had a healthier battle system before boosts were added, I know I was playing 3 weeks into launch.


I started playing the game in June. I was in Aviary when boosts first dropped and had plenty of experience with the game without boosts. Did I prefer it? A little, yeah. Did the majority prefer it? Duh, anyone that goes on this forum will find out in the first five seconds. But like I said in my post, ya do what ya gotta do.

And you are 100% entitled to your opinion, as is everyone who disagrees with your assessment (like me). Opinion and choice are wonderful things indeed.

You admit in your own statement that -

Which is not what Ludia said boosts 2.0 were about;

I am not trying to change your mind. You’re having fun. If boosts don’t bother you that much that’s awesome! Please, however, do not try to summarily dismiss the concerns of others.


I’m sorry, but when did I say that I was speaking on behalf of the community? And when did I say concerns were invalid? Because I don’t remember saying that.

Yeah I agree nothing wrong with enjoying the game if you can, just don’t underestimate a company thats roots go back to taking money from gamblers, it will cost you in the end!

I cut my losses and got out while I could, never been happier.

My real life stress levels are also WAY down since I ditch it.


That would mean the community and that are concerns are invalid.


That’s…not speaking on behalf of the community. The majority of players DO expect too much from free mobile games.

Look, you said “we’” that term is inclusive (look it up). You did not say “I” or ‘the majority.’

You continued with “we expect too much.” which clearly is dismissing the concerns others have.

Not trying to jump on your case here, just making it clear.

I think it’s great you’re okay with where things are at. I am pretty sure Ludia is okay with that too :wink:

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Though to be fair, if a game (even a ‘Freemium’ game) is charging high prices, players should expect fair return.

We don’t get it.


Heres the thing for me… i play alot of mobile games… most free to play. I currently have like 10 installed but a few are in the get around to play.

So i get your mobile standards thing… but this is by far the most buggiest game on my phone… the most blatant pay to win game. And the only one where I question whether the integrity of the devs.

So no even by lowered mobile standards boosts are terrible. And this game is so over priced i can pay multiple months subscriptions for battle passes for the costs of one tiers of boosts.


I don’t think boosts are bad, but I know how they’re handled is very bad. The only thing I don’t like conserning the actual boosts is how much speed overpoweres Dinos. If they changed the max amount of boosts to 5-10 then I would be happy. Now concerning Ludia and the boosts together,how they do the sales and the resets It’s just terrible for the game.


Agreed @Procerathomonomimus. Going up against 141 spd Thors is just silly honestly.If they were applied better then it might have met Ludia’s stated objective.

@bobbymcfeen Can I ask what trophy level you are at? That would provide some context perhaps.


Boosts are here to stay. I don’t like them, but I can find ways to make the game fun without them. I’d probably boost, too, if the value proposition was even mildly attractive. It’s not.

My biggest problem is that there just aren’t enough people playing to make the battles interesting. I have some fair fights, some where I clearly have the better team, and a ton of fights against AI or human opponents many levels higher than me with boosts across the board.

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thing is they have a vip montlhy subscription, if they had done it worth a lot of people would get it, they would get all the money they need just from that without making the game pay to win, but they choose to instead of gaining a slow and steady amount per month they want it all at once and fast therefore the constant boosts sales