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Opinion of: Dracoceratops/Rat

Article #2 of the “Opinions of” series. What do you think of it? What are your opinions on the creature (even though Im pretty sure I know whats about to happen in the comments)?

Tier: Tyrant

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It’s a cheap trick that killed strategy. Way OP move set for such as easily obtainable hybrid. Most people put all their boosts into it and when they don’t draw it they tank the match.

It devolves the whole arena into building teams to counter it which results in even more of them for the fireXfire style, or the super Thor counter strategy which creates its own problems.

Overall 0/10 do not like


It took most of the fun out of battle.
Even when it’s not in the match, it still affects it.
People don’t make moves they once would have because, “what if they have DC?”


5.8/10 too much rat


Needs to be seriously nerfed and the swap in attack removed with a Stigymoloch moveset put on it where it does nothing but shield strikes and a charging attack.



It needs a complete overhaul. Si rampage could be reduced to impact and it’s at least less broken, definite strike would be even better. Its moves need an overhaul as well as it’s only purpose is the swap in. I hate what it’s done to the arena, strategy was already questionable at best in this game but Dracos SI has effected everything around it


With increased health pools from boosts, Rat is much more frustrating. I used to blow them off, once I got my hands on a sufficiently leveled Utasino and Giga. I even used Sarcorixis to handle them. Now, it’s a little more complicated. I’m less likely to have a dino strong enough to take it down before it can swap back out. Some players have made their Rat the strongest dino on their team, and they can swap it in and out until they’ve eliminated all of my dinosaurs. This is particularly a problem because of people altering their team power by playing a handful of high powered dinos and filling with weaker, underleveled ones to target weaker teams. You never know when your enemy might pull out a Rat with 3500+ health and several levels on you and totally demolish your team.

Other than that, for me, the Rat is a last resort. It’s a make-or-break move sometimes, so I try to save it for the end of a match to tip the win to me, or use it on a dino that I think is the strongest one on my opponent’s team. I know people say that the Rat involves no strategy, but it does. If you use it wrong, you’re handing your opponent a free takedown. If you use it right, you can score a victory when you otherwise might have lost. Thor can make some players overconfident, so if it’s messing up my team but I get it in Rat range, I’ll take it out, and that can give me a chance I didn’t have before.


I refuse to use the damn thing like a minority of others. It used to come out as a 4th dino but it’s almost exclusively brought out second in a desperate attempt to remove the remaining 26 health from my Erlidominus or Diloracheirus.

Then I go on to win by using something even dirtier; a super boosted Utahsinoraptor. Not even sorry.

Here’s what I see every time the bumbling fool swaps in:


Shortly followed by:



Since my previous post was removed, I can only imagine it upset a rat lover so I’ll tone it down.

I hate the rat.

It’s way overpowered, far too easy to create and build, takes away any strategy, and it would make me really happy if it was properly nerfed.


Frustrating, hinders a lot of strategic moves.

The reason glass cannons have those distraction moves is to help them survive a bit longer. But when Dracoceratops comes wading in, you don’t stand a chance. Most counters to it (Alankylo is a good example) don’t have enough strength to actually knock it out, so it just regenerates and swaps right back in. Now that dodge has been nerfed, even Quetzo can take a hefty chunk of damage from one when swapping in, which really shouldn’t be happening.


Ninety percent sure the Rat would be easier to counter if there was at least one unique that could pin it down and (hopefully) crunch it. Make that critter immune, and you got yourself a decent rat-catcher. It could also probably ruin Thor’s day, as long as it was quick enough.

Okay the immunity might be a tad much. But at least then it can’t stun you and take an extra swing. Rat is a simple strategy, but it’s still a strategy. The solution isn’t just nerfing it, it’s giving players more ways to counter-strategize. It’s not as much fun to use the Rat if you’re worrying whether your opponent will bring out a (pinning, crunching, immune) counter dino that completely erases the takedown you just made.

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well… the last vote has a tier people who like and hate it. this is enough to be good for the game, hahaha.

but tell me why i like “dracobomb” alias:

jwa nowadays without dracoceratops/dracorexG2 is like first-person shooters without granades, dynamites and etc. still playable, but…


This is the type of dinosaur to get banned in south Australia


It as well as it’s sidekick (Thor) are benchwarmers for me.

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Exactly, I now make predictions that can cost me the game because I always fear the rat.


They need to make a creature solely designed to destroy the rat. Quetzorion is the erlidominus killer, why can’t we have a rat killer too? Something other than Thor, something that can guarantee to take out the rat. Immunity and pinning would do it.

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Smiloceph nearly fits the bill. Its just slightly inconsistent with it because of swap in stun


It does not matter whether DC is easy to create or not. No swap-in moves should have a Rampage attack, period. It’s taking out so much fun and strategies.


My utasinoraptor and erlidomimus can 1 shot it. Tenontorex came sometimes get it too not 1 turn. Sometimes even an erlikospyx gets it.

But I’m assuming everyone is in higher arenas than me because I don’t use Boost.


Yeah, Spyx has enough base damage to kill it outright with a single rampage, assuming equal levels and equal/no boosts

This applies for postosuchus (using ferocity impact), erlidominus, erlikospyx, smilocephalosaurus, and geminititan (although gemini is slower, so it might have to take a hit first)