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Opinion of: Skoolasaurus

Article #3 of the “Opinion of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Mid Apex (tier listing will be a new addition. Ill update the other articles)

Next Creature: Stegodeus

It’s really tough to get it at any type of high level so it normally isn’t on any teams.

It’s okay in the arena. For a legendary that’s tough to get, it should be better… But that’s not how things work in this game. Maybe we will see a hybrid. I like Diplovenator better though.

Pretty cool colors.


Really good,basically a distracting tank with 2 rampage move (with 1000dmg lvl 26),decent heal (4440 lvl 26) and lots of armor (30%)and he is fast enough to compete with others creatures (117)or chompers.
A nullyfying abilty and a Long protection are a +.
So he is completly underestimate.
He don’t shine against tanks but he have armor so he is a tank himself
He don’t shine against end game chomper turn one but turn 2,if he have his distraction,then its ok
He don’t shine against endgame speedster but if his shiled is set up,then its ok
I saw than if he finish a creature ,and if he is set up for the second turn,he is a problem
Either i hope he will get a decent unique soon ,either he need a slight buff (like +200hp else +100dmg else +5 armor)

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Yeah, i got mine to level 20 just in case it gets a unique. Much easier to get/level than Gemini

I forget it exists.

Decent but needs boosts to be relyant in my opinion (the armor is nice but it doesn’t do too much damage or isn’t that fast)

I’ve got mine to level 20 and haven’t ever used it. It looks cool for one of those types of dinos. “Slimey” is what my girlfriend and I call those types.