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Opinion of: Stegodeus

Article #4 in the “Opinion of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Mid Apex

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Oh how the mighty fall.


I love Stegod. Easily one of the coolest dinos in the game. It could use a little attack buff.

Well since stegos have no uniques. Monosteggy and Stegod have to hold the fort down. Monosteggy does and Stegod is close but its main use seems to be inhaling hits from boosted rats.


Beast. Works well as a starter against Magnapyritor, Diloracherius, Utahrinex, Erlidomimus, and Indo. Nothing else is as versatile.


My favorite starter and tank with monostegotops.
Huge hp pool,decent damages,good slows to set up your second dino(if you don’t face these bloody immunes),he is mighty in 1 vs 1 ,not the best but really mighty
of course,chompers will kill it it a turn or 2 but he is really strong
I can’t say if it need a buff…maybe a little one like +100hp?

Would love the see a unique version of him with his old skill set: Cleansing Strike( cleanse all debuffs) and Armour piecing Rampage or even DSR

Love it but had to bench mine eventually. Too many could kill it too easily.
I can probably get it to 29 now though, not sure if it is any useful with low tier boosts though.

Yeah Stegod was my second or third created legendary, and tat armour piercing rampage :heart_eyes:, not to mention Indominus’s kryptonite lol. was considered too “op” at tat time. when rampage move was nerfed, I was sooooo disappointed.

I’m seeing a lot more of them in Lockwood Library than I used to; mine is on the bench and ready to go to L30 (just need the coin); I’m tempted to try it on the team - being a Legendary it may help the matchmaking - but I have L26 Tryko and L26 Diora already (not to mention I would need to boost it) and although they are lower level I find their counter attacks very useful.

If it got a move buff that may just tip the balance and get it back on.

I had one on my team for a while, but gave up on her because I needed something that could bellow in a last ditch effort to set up for my stronger but slower critters. So I went with Nodopatotitan and saved up on the Nodo DNA needed for fusing. So far Noodles can beat Stegodeus in a 1v1 (even mildly boosted ones) while staying unboosted, and sets up speed control quite often.
The good experience I’ve had with Stegodeus was taking the hits from Dracoceratops, but once I’ve encountered hyper boosted Dracos, Stegodeus just couldn’t stand its ground long enough.

My Giga can too beat up Stegodeus, I just beat one a level higher then mine (both boosted).

Yeah, Gigaspika is more offense-oriented. The problem I have with Giga is its lack of bellow for a last attempt to set up for my slower attackers.

Yeah that and cleanse distraction, that is why I have a boosted Giraffatitan in my team.

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I use my Nodopatotitan against Christmas Chickens, it’s fun to predict when the rampage comes, bellow it, then cleanse distraction over and over to frustrate the chicken.

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Now my Stegodeus is L30 I don’t know what to focus on levelling next L20 Nodopato or L27 Giga. Thoughts?

This is one of my favorite hybrid designs! I just wish she could still cleanse bleeding :joy:


Let stegodeus have its APR back won’t make it OP in today’s meta. I’m prone to giving worthy herbivores the armor piercing ability, given now almost every carnivore has their AP upgraded to defense shattering, even the pterosaurid.


I love this creature. It looks cool and it’s good. It’s my first and only level 30 creature for now. It’s in my fighters.


Why does everybody want every creature to have armor piercing attacks? Can tanks please get some love too.

I still use stegodeus in my team. He isn’t that great because everything can kill him instantly though. Would love to see a shield that can’t be broken or something, tanks should get a buff.

I love Steggod! :heart: I miss the old days where it could cleanse everything and pierce armor.

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